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need help with Facial Rosacea!

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I was wondering if anyone with mild-moderate rosacia has had any luck with rosacea specific medication?

I have posted on here before, but here is a quick recap of my sitation:

I am 24 years old.

at approximately 17 I started breaking out with large red patches in the middle of my face, on my nose and on the middle chin and forehead. I went to derm and they said it was "standard" acne....but it was much more serious that that, since it was large patches of red, bumpy, rough skin.....

I have been dealing with this for 7.5 years now, and had only slight improvement after my initial breakouts and been stuck miserable since.....I hardly even go out and I don't date girls because of it.

I have been two 3 or 4 different dermatoligists over the years, and tried probably 6-8 medications, and done a cycle of accutane. accutane did clear up most of my standard "pimples", but the rough red patches remain.

my father also has rosacea, mostly on his nose, but its more mild. he uses metro-gel to good effect......i have actually experimented with the metro-gel, with some success....but for various reasons given up on it......i have always suggested to the dermatologists i might have rosacea, but they always said i was too young or it didn't look like it to them.....however, i am now convinced thats my issue.

for whatever reason, my chin and forehead look pretty clear, so right now its just the area around my nose and the sides of the eyes (giving me what look like bags under my eyes, when its really just healthy skin surrounded by rough redness).

this is not me, but this is similar to what i look like, only i am worse:

user posted image

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looks similar to what i have - sebhorreic dermatitis. i don't think rosacea is flaky like that. has any derm's mentioned that? but then again, i also have rosacea. it's not too uncommon to have both, which you might also have. the hard crusty stuff is seb derm though. check it out and let me know.

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i also forgot to include that the red rough areas are almost symetrical on each side of my nose, and covering my nose.

anyway I just went back this week to the dermatoligist for the first time in 3 years, since i have given up on the hope it would "go away" and treating it with mild anti-acne meds from cvs just isn't cutting it.

sure enough he prescribed Benza Clin (clindamycin-benzoyl peroxide gel)

and sure enough I tried it for 2 days, and by the end of the 2nd day, my face felt like it was on fire.....burning and stinging and looking red as all hell. it looked like hell. i immediately stopped using it and am going to call him monday, and demand he put me on some sort of rosacea treatment....i have been doing some research on rosacea and i found that BP is a major NO-NO.

was my reaction to the BP more evidence i might be right in diagnosing myself?

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