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My nose is infested.

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TONS of blackheads, every single pore on my nose.

It's been like that for as long as I can remember.

No matter if I use those pore cleanser strips, or if I take the time to squeeze em all out.

They come back in a day. I think it's an Italian thing.

Everyone in my family has it. -_-;

But it's kind of aggravating. So,


(I'm gonna go with no... but I thought I'd ask for the hell of it.)

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Some people just luck out with genetics - are you sure they are blackheads or are they enlarged pores? I have enlarged pores and they are a curse :(

Basically the only thing that I have come across which looks like it would work is accutane, and i figure concealer is cheaper and less harmful to my liver.

Squeezing will work only for a day or two and could potentially scar your skin.

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squeezing does mess up your skin, ihave scarred pore9s and por9es that have jioned up with other pores, squeezing isn't an option in the long run, i am evidence of that.

i too am looking for a treatment that works, but there is nothing atm, naybe accutane as that seems to the the only thing that people have reported that works, but i have not used4 it myself.

all the best

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never squeeze out blackheads. Blackheads form due to the clogged oil in pores getting oxidized.

Just use an aloe vera face wash and scrub the affected area atleast 3 times a day and wash away with warm water. This will make most of the blackheads go away. Minerva @ *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

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use more moisture, people that tend to have big pores on their nose tend to start scrubbing, exfoliating and over cleaning that area of the face to only find that their nose is even more OILY, shiny and have bigger pores with bigger blackheads in the long run. People with blackheads on the nose should stop inflamming their pores using harsh scrubs and stuff making them bigger, try moisturizing the area, stop scrubbing and overcleaning it, let the pores get so small that there is no room for blackheads.. don't try to force them out or youll just get worse, try a oil-free alcohol-free acid-free BP-free natural lotion.

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i would beg to differ, scrubbing wil not get rid of blackheads, blackheads are deeply embeded, and scrubbing only touches the surface of the skin.

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I usually steam my face with sea salt then squeze the blackouts out then use cleaser on my face and medication. Ive been doing it for like 6 years my skin looks great. I wish a had a camera now. I haven't pop blackheads for about a week and right now skin is blackhead-free.

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First off, I just want to say, I love your ava :B

As for the skin, it may just be in your genes but that doesn't mean you cannot do something about it. But before you tackle any treatments, stop squeezing. Squeezing only opens and enlarges your pores making it easy access for further bacteria. Don't pick either. There's tons of bacteria under your fingernails, even if you have little nubbies like me.

Try gentle exfoiliating with something not too harsh on your skin. If you attack your skin, you'll just irritate it further. A gentle cleanser would help. I'm not a big fan of Cetaphil (in fact, I don't even feel clean when using it) and to be honest, my favorite cleanser that I'm using right now is by Boscia and it's way too expensive so I won't be buying it again in the future but if you have extra cash to throw down, I recommend it. It's really nice.

In my experience, Salicylic Acid is less drying than Benzol Peroxide and I had better results using it however, everyone is different so what may work well on me might not do the same for you. I've had major success with Retin-A as well. It helps shed the skin of dead cells so you may peel for a while but the results are nice. But if you're like me with super, ultra, mega sensitive skin, you could be looking at some redness too. Whatever products or treatment you go about, I wish you the best of luck. :)

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