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Arrow Root Powder - Safe or Not Safe for Acne

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I googled and I searched the archives here, but I didn't find any answers.

Is Arrow Root Powder (or arrowroot powder - not sure of the right spelling) safe or unsafe for acne?

I know cornstarch can contribute to acne. I've heard most 'starches' are questionable. Not sure about Arrow Root Powder.

Why am I asking? I was just sent two free samples from a company for face powder - made mostly of arrow root powder. Really nice of them to send them - but I'm chicken to try them given my extreme sensitivities/allergies/etc. :shifty: (I returned some other items that didn't work out - and they offered these as alternatives. Nice people.)

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I couldn't find anything on arrowroot, other than it's a thickening agent (which, from my culinary experience, I already knew), and that it has "no known benefit for the skin."

However, I will say this. In some recipes (again, I can only speak from cooking experience, but it may be relevant), arrowroot and cornstarch are used interchangeably as thickeners (in sauces and such). This would tell me that they are similar chemically, which might mean arrowroot could give you problems. In fact, the great Wikipedia tells me that arrowroot is a starch itself. So if cornstarch has given you a problem, I'd probably stay away from arrowroot.

Would it be possible for you to test things on, say, your ankle, where a reaction wouldn't be noticeable?

I know allergies are tricky things, and you have my sympathies.

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Thanks for your thoughts and research on this. Everything you pointed out seems logical to me. Also, I keep remembering hearing that starches feed bad bacteria. It isn't worth the possibility for me to try these - so I'll just skip them. I ordered some other samples from other companies which have less possibility of trouble for me - I'll wait for those and leave the arrow root samples alone.

Thanks again. :)

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