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How many girls are having their periods messed up?

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I know Accutane can delay periods. Mine's currently 2 weeks late and since I'm using 2 forms of BC I don't know how I could be pregnant.

I'm wondering if I should be worried? I've got cramping but no period. I'm putting off going to the doctor because they know I'm on Accutane. I had my routine pregnancy blood test done yesterday but the results won't be ready until next week.

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It could just be that you don't have enough body fat to have your period. I noticed on your signature that you're 90 something pounds, which is fairly low(depending on your height). Even though I was on birth control, I lost my period for a couple months when I was around 107 pounds which is really low for my 5'5 frame. Lots of women athletes lose their periods too. Anyways, even if this isn't the case for you, I hope you figure out what's going on ! Lets hope you're not preggers !!!

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Well, you could call the dr and will probably be ordered a blood test to check.

My period is perfectly fine. I would say it's far more likely it's your BC causing the distrubance. Did you start a new BC for accutane, or change it up somehow? that could explain it.

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I'm not on horomonal birth control, I'm using a barrier method. I am skinny but I've always had my period at this weight.

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