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What are some acne-fighting snacks I can munch on throughout the day?

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I read about almonds being good, but they get kind of bland after a while.

And then there's blueberries, and how they're the "super fruit" but I really don't like the taste of them, hahah.

Whatever, anyway!

Anything I can throw in a baggie and put in my purse and eat throughout the school day? :D

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Cashews!.. full of antioxidants, and Walnuts for their Omega 3 goodness.

Avoid the salted types, though..

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Eggs sound good but I think I'd look like a freak eating them in class haha

& agreed on the coldness of the greens.


I read that nuts actually irritate acne so I've been avoiding all nuts 'cept almonds /: Paranoia really sets in lately, cus I've gotten so much improvement and I don't want to screw it up over nuts. xD

Is it true or no? Otherwise I'll totally chow down on different nuts. (:<

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It depends on the nuts, and every food really. Some of us can eat pounds of one kind of food and not have it affect our acne, and some can only eat a bit and flare up. For me, I'm not sure wether nuts have ever affected me, but the only ones I eat are brazil nuts, walnuts, and almonds.

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i'm prone to agree with you on the nuts; sometimes they seem to do more harm than good.

i think low acid fruits are the best for me, personally (peaches, pears, apricots) or some carrot sticks with hommus...i LOVE hommus.

but the best thing would be drinking herbal tea and water to tide you over. for me it's eating too often that tends to break me out, which is sad because i love food!

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You could find dried goji berries, pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs and shredded coconut at a health food store and make a trail mix; expensive, but DELICIOUS. :D Pumpkin seeds on their own are great for acne, as well.

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I think you should really eat those blueberries. I'm also a bodybuilder and i can tell you that is the super fruit. I can't really afford them anymore though with my poor self.

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