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Questions about UT vs Apple Cider Vinagar

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ok.... so i recently found this forum and have been trying many of the natural remedies. I live in Spain right now, so sometimes it is difficult to find the brands of products that are mentioned, and Id prefer to use natural remedies anyway because they are cheaper... and well... natural.

SO to my question..... I was using the apple cider vinager toner for a while..... I mixed 1:1 with rose water to try and help with the smell, but unfortunately it just doesnt hide the smell well enough and it reeeealllly bothers my boyfriend... i know i know.... but really, its gotta be like kissing a pickle. Anyway, it worked pretty well, I usually get white heads around my chin and red bumps on my forehead, but pretty minimal on my cheeks and never on my nose. I guess this is what is considered hormonal acne??? It lessened the amount I got, but didnt give me the results I was hoping for.

Now.... I was researching the natural remedy review forum, and I read about the Urine Treatment.... dont judge me.... I mean, i guess some people think its dirty and gross, but really I think our hands are probably a lot more disgusting and we touch our faces all the time, so whatever.

Im curious if urine and vinager have similiar attributes.... what is in them that makes them work??? And if the vinager only KIND of worked, is the UT worth it???? I mean honestly my pee is perfectly clear and odorless as far as I know, so tyhe smell is not something im worried about.... also seems much easier to mask with something like lavender oil or cinnamon or something.... any suggestions???

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