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So I went to the dermatologist & he recommended Accutane at first my mom was like NO! because of all the side effect or what not, but i persuaded her into it and we went through the whole iplege bullshaytt. P.S iplege is the stupidest thing in the world i hate it i hate the process i hate the stupid ipledge operators! :wall: SO when I finally got my accutane i was the happiest girl in the whole wide world , i felt better just because i knew tht by senior year my face would be banging. guess i was wrong >:| fml. anyways my mom was still pretty not 100% convinced about the whole accutane idea but i completed my 1st month my face was a huge improvement everyone would say wow you look gorgeous but my mom choose to say " you look yellow " & she made me stop taking the last few pillls because of the side effects she saw like [bloody nose, REAAALLY chapped lips] i was like wtf????? no one will ever guess how mad i was at my mother . After the 1st month i went to the derm and had to go through the iplege thinggy again &&&&&&&&&&&&&& RAWR i was too late for my next blood test b.c my mom was too busy to ever take me & because she obviously doesnt know how to read calendars so they kicked my off iplege & off Accutane I WAS FURIOUSSSS !! then i applied for Accutane again and got in and when as soon as i got my pills my mom took them away because she said they where too dangerous and i will get sick becaus ei dont drink enough water. i literally sat in my bathroom and cried forever & then she felt bad and took me back to the derm a month later & he said tht i was late for my appointment & would need to apply for Accutane again if i wanted any :( my mom officially gave up on me because se never early for appointments or anythingso im officially off Accutane i stillhave the pills in my house but my mom wont let me take them . so im back to the old traditioanlly ways of curing acne . my mom has spent so much money on treatments for my acne i cant describe how many creams,lotions,scrubs,washes i have so maybe she just as frustrated as me. but i cant wait to turn 18 & have a car so i can take myself to my own Accutane appointments. I wont give up on Accutane & i will wait. FML. >___<


& my mother helped.

ilovemymommy. :shhh:

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Hey relax.. your mother was just lookin out for you.. Accutane isnt the worst, but it can be a little rough..

Now by the time your 18 your acne might completely stop. It just takes time.. Its not a big deal.. Drink plenty of water, dont over do it with the acne creams.

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