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Some advice for a first time poster

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Hi everyone, this is my first post, although I used to lurk on this board. This is a bit hard for me to type out, but I'd like some advice and maybe a little perspective.

I'm 23, but have had moderate acne since the teens. For the last 5 years I thought I'd had good control over it, with just 5% BP wash twice daily clearing up maybe 95% of it.

Last week it came back really hard. I started having this really stupid crush on this girl in my course a few weeks ago, and it's really brought out an overwhelming amount of stress and insecurity (the intensity of it is... really disturbing, and not something I'm used to). We're both in the final 2 years of medical school... she wants to be a dermatologist (yeah, that's right. Flawless skin as well.) She's in a relationship, so I know I need to get over this whole thing and focus on myself and my studies.

Adding to that, I started a weight-training program 3 weeks ago to look and feel better. I've increased my caloric intake, but stick to healthy and low GI foods. Haven't started doing proper weights yet, but have been doing stuff like push-ups and core exercises to get myself into a routine of exercise.

I'm really, really hoping this breakout is tied to the stress, and hopefully will get better in a week or so. But with the weights and diet I think may not be good for it either (but I need to continue them). I need a better regimen. I'm thinking I'll add Azelaic Acid and a moisturiser. Hopefully the AA will smooth out the hyperpigmentation I've accumulated over the years. What do you guys think? Anything else I can change? (BTW I'm Asian, and I'm not sure if my skin type will handle chemical peels)

Sorry if this is long, or in the wrong forum. I wasn't really sure where to post, but I needed to type this.

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