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Products to hasten skin formation and shedding

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I am looking for products that will hasten the shedding of facial skin and products that will speed up the formation of new skin. In essence I am looking for skin exfoliants, that are applied topically but would also consider orally taken pills/liquids.

I am hoping to find something that I can see is working by seeing old skin falling off in pieces. I prefer a cream that I can just apply before going to bed rather than scrubs because scrubs might be too irritating and cause redness though a scrub without the aforementioned sideffect is fine.

back in late 2003 or 2004 I read people on here recommending Green Cream. I tried it back then but didn't see any results.

I have dark skin (type 5), it is sensitive and scars easily. I don't have acne now, just the rare whitehead and sometimes a red inflamed zit that leaves a dark mark. What I want is to shed my skin as fast as possible and get new skin, hoping old marks and orange peel like areas will start to look better with newer skin.

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iSkin exfoliant is great for dry skin. It's a battery operated foam-head device. The iSkin cream is rich and exfoliates with micro crystals. It leaves dry skin feeling soft and refreshed. I use it in addition to: 1. NeoStrata's Oil-free Daytime Smoothing Lotion Level 3, and 2. One or two Jojoba oil drops with my moisturizer and they really helped with the dryness.

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What are the side effects of using a Retinoid? Does it cause an increase in pimples/zits/acne? I do not have Acne or zits and rarely get them.

Also I am planning on going in for lazer hair removal and electrolysis on my face, above my beard line. Will I need to stop Retinoids if I am going for lazer or can I use retinoids in between lazer treatments? I think the treatment are 4 weeks apart.

If I can use Retinoids then how many days before a lazer treatment should I stop using it?

Thanks all for the replies.

Also how do Retinoids compare with Dan's AHA and can both be used?

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