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getting back on Ocella

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I used to take Ocella (first I had beautiful, flawless skin, then I needed to get on birth control for contaceptive purposes, so I started on ortho tri cyclen lo and broke out in painful cystic pimples for longer than three months, so I switched to Ocella and was home free: my face was perfect again!) I noticed that no matter how much I worked out I always felt a little bloated, but I wasn't on a very healthy diet (college drinking on the weekends and eating at the cafeteria buffets isn't really going to keep anyone slim) So I think the trick to Ocella is denying over eating, and trying to eat sensibly and the "right" foods like fruits, veggies, lean meats, and whole grains.. and of course working out .. light jogs 3 times a week should do it..

I got off the Ocella because my skin cleared up and I broke up with my boy friend so figured I didn't need it for birth control.. and well my face is Horrrrible! I literally locked myself in my room for 2 days last weekend. I am on benzaclin and retin-a and have been using it for about a month so I know the Initial Breakout is supposed to be terrible, but I am considering getting back on Ocella.

If you could please tell me, has Ocella worked for your skin, are you still breaking out, and do you notice significant bloating, periods lighter, less cramping? Are your moods more stable.. etc? I know these are personal questions, but I really don't know whether it's worth it for me to get back on Ocella and these are the serious questions I worry about.

Thanks to anyone who replies, you're my life saver!!

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