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ipledge 30 days

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Can someone explain the timeline for ipledge. I'm thinking of going on it, but am going on a couple of trips out of town, so want to make sure I understand the timing.

Take first pregnancy test.

30 days later take second pregnancy test.

Okay, so is it exactly 30 days? Can it be more? Less? If so, how much?

Pick up your prescription.

Start pills.

Then, when is your next test?

Before 30 days is up?

What is the range?

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moxie1, as far as I know, after you take the first pregnancy test the next one is exactly 30 days later. You'll have to ask your derm if there is any leeway regarding that. Mine was adament about it being exactly 30 days, but I've seen posts on here stating otherwise, so check with your derm to make sure.

After you start taking the pills you have to take a pregnancy test before you pick up the next prescription so it's not exactly 30 days. It could be a day or two less in order to give the lab time to send your results to your derm, but that's only if your derm doesn't have a lab in the office. If he or she does have an in-office lab then it would be on the day you pick up your next prescription (30 days). If you have to go out of office to a lab to get the pregnancy test done, don't do it too far in advance of your derm appointment. The 7 day window to pick up your prescription from the pharmacy starts on the day you take your pregnancy test, not when your derm prescribes the drug. Your derm has to enter the date you took the pregnancy test along with the results into iPledge. All of this sounds like a pain, but it gets easier after the intial hurdle of getting started.

Good luck with your course. :)

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My derm said for the first pregnancy test, wait 30 days OR MORE for the second pregnancy test. It's not exactly thirty days and only that one day, that would be too strict and no one would ever be able to commit to one day. I made all my follow up appointments once I started and some are exactly 30 ays apart a couple were less and one was more. Just how it worked out. All fine. I actually ran out of pills one month becasue of not being able to get through all the ipledge stuff, but that's fine too as it's cumulative dose so missing a day or two due to ipledge will be ok too.

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i just got off the ipledge website- you should have a 7 day window within which each pregnancy test must be taken ... so i would make your appt towards the beginning of that window, & if anything keeps you from your appt you still have time!

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