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What is a reasonable meal size?

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I usually eat about 2-3 cups of greens, another 1-2 cups of other veggies, about 1/4-1/2 cup brown rice, and about 1-2 oz. of chicken for dinner. Is this too much food in one sitting? Can eating too many veggies cause harm?

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The answer to tat question will be different from person to person. It depends on your weight, how much you exercise etc... but hey, eat until your body is comfortable (not bursting) with food.

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I just eat til i'm full. Sometimes i'll have 5-6 eggs at once. Sometimes just a handful of broccoli will do it. Sometimes an entire chicken. I don't think it's worth planning. As soon as I feel serious stuff going on in my stomach I stop. I imagine it's all my food introducing each other and saying hello, then discussing how they'll team up to nourish me most effectively, don't wanna interrupt them.

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In a day I typically eat:


12 whole eggs cooked in olive oil


Chicken salad w/ 8oz. of boneless skinless chicken breast


40-50g dextrose mixed with some crystal light powder

Post workout / dinner

16 oz. meat, usually boneless skinless chicken, sometimes pork or 90%+ lean ground beef


Sweet Potato


Protein Shake or cottage cheese

Tack on a few pieces of candy throughout the day since I work in an office.

Needless to say, diet is an individual thing and what one person deems an appropriately sized meal may be different from another person.

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