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This diet is AWESOME!

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I always assumed diet was nothing to do with my skin. for years before i had acne and after i ate like a total PIG. Pizza, chocolate, white bread, cheese, ice cream, piles of pasta, whatever i could get my hands on. my acne went from mild to severe. i was feeling like crap and looking like it too. Now i've started a new diet free of sugar, grains and processed food. i feel great and the huge pimples on my face have gone flat and what i thought were permanent red marks are gone. its only been about a week and a half and im so friccin happy! please anyone try this!

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To be honest you should cut out all grains(rice, potatoes etc); atleast in the starting phase of the diet. Also you should use some type of antifungal(cinnamon, garlic, oil of oregano, caprylic acid and many more) and a probiotic.

If you indeed have candida you will most likely experience some type of die-off(acne will get worse) when starting out on the new diet and the antifungals.

And I'm by now means saying that anti-candida is the answer since I've only been on the diet for 3,5 weeks, but you can check out my log(in my signature) for more info on my anti-candida diet.

Good luck

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