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Amber G

Spirolactone Progress...

Hi all, Starting on Spiro takes you on a journey of tough SE and a possible "initial Breakout" -- If a person can hang in there (and drink about 5 times the amount of water you normally drink-- I am not kidding.... this part is key. WATER is your best friend on Spiro) Spiro works to dramatically improve hormonal acne. I have posted a Blog if anyone wants to peek in at what is like on Spiro, and the results I have seen so far. Best wishes!!!

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Hey Amber you should include a link here to your log! But so glad it is working for you! And yes water is so key!

And taking it as close to the same exact time everyday that you can. Those are really the two keys. And then once you are clear, not using abrasive products but using gentle "normal" cleansers and really really keeping your skin hydrated and healthy!! I notice everytime I tried to use my old face wash with Salylic (sp?) acid in it I would break out or my skin would get wierd. I finally threw it away. And I use BP once in a great while for spot treatment. NO MORE POPPING leave everything alone!! and even though I am pretty much clear my skin is still improving everyday.. Man my period creeps up on me now though, since I have no warning signs on my face !!! hahahah Best of luck to anyone who tries this, it really is a wonder drug once you get past the first few months. I guess I am writing all this cause I forsee coming onto this site less and less now.. cause I just dont think about Acne anymore... WHICH is amazing right!! good luck everyone.~!

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