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After exercising on accutane

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I'm on month 3...

This morning is the third time I've gotten mysteriously "injured" the day following some exercise. Last time I sprained my knee in a random way, just pushing some furniture, and it was incredibly painful, but 4 days later it was all bettter. Before that, it wasn't an injury so much as I felt like a crippled old man in both knees and both ankles. Last night after exercising (first time after my sprain healed up) and I'm just STANDING THERE and did nothing, but the next step I took, suddenly my ankle feels strained. This morning, it is still strained.

Does anyone else have this issue? Should I just not bother to exercise until I'm done with accutane or what? I'm not becoming seriously injured and they heal fast, but it's really annoying to keep straining myself. My derm has not mentioned this, she says the "crippled old man" feeling generally goes away after a time, and I find that true. Around the start of month 2 is was barely walking normal, but then it got better, even though my dose got higher.

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When I was on accutane and still now (1 week post-accutane) the exact same thing happened to me. After playing soccer I would get random muscle and joint pain and random injuries that I dont even remembering doing while playing. Like you, the pain left quickly. To be honest, now is worse than ever...im in great shape, and unlike before starting accutane, im always sore after exercise.

I havent really cut back on the exercise but if it continues at this rate ill relax a bit. For you, I would recommend not to overdue it...cut back a bit...if it doesnt bother than you than dont...whatever you want. But what I do know is if you break something or have another serious injury while on accutane you will be taken off, and you obviously dont want this to happen!

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I've experienced some knee pain (in month 3 now) but that's pretty much it. I played a softball game last night and hit the bag wrong running to first and have been hobbling around today, but it should be ok in a day or two.

I lift heavy 4 times a week and haven't noticed any additional soreness from lifting.

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