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Help for a person of colour

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Well I have tried a lot of things. Most recently tried Proactiv and all it has done is bleach my shirts and my hairline. My co-worker told me she's never seen proactiv work on any black people.

Is there some sort of acne medication that works better for black people? Don't think I'm trying to be prejudice or anything but I know there has to be differences in skin for different races.

I was on the Proactiv for three months without any results at all. Should I have tried to stay on it longer?

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Clear Essence's medicated cleansing bar for acne/oily skin claims to be "designed for people of color". I don't use it any more because it's quite hard to find in the UK, but it worked great on my back/chest. I never dared to use it on my face in case it was too harsh for a pasty white fella.

Search Clear Essence on google, and it's the first link.

Good luck.

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Proactiv worked for me and I’m a Black woman (butterscotch complexion). I used it for several years. I’ve come off it recently though, in search of an alternative (no luck yet –i’m currently having a horrible breakout). I never really thought of skin tone as a factor, but now I’m curious....

Has anyone else tried Clear Essence?

I have heard of Black women using “African Black Soap†to combat acne and improve skin’s overall texture. Apparently its ingredients are quite harsh, but it may be worth a try. You can search youtube for videos documenting its use. A girlfriend of mine gave me some to try but I haven’t used it yet so I can’t offer a personal opinion.

... Oh and I do think 3 months was adequate amount of time. If you weren’t seeing any benefits than it probably isn’t the best system for you.

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