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I will of been on the Regimen 4 weeks this sunday, ive been using the full amount since the start of the third week so almost 2 weeks using the full amount. I was seeing good results in the second week no major breakouts now it seems to have gone back to nearly as bad as it was befor. To be fair though the spots are clearing faster but aren't being prevented. Im doing everything the correct way.

Not really too red anymore but very flaky in the mornings. Will be ordering Dans BP and AHA this friday so hopefully the slight redness will fade and the AHA will tighten my pores and help with the red marks. Panoxyl isnt the best of BP i dont think.

Any way how long did it take you to stop breaking out after starting the regimen?

You would of thought your skin would of had enough BP by the fourth week not to be breaking out any more?


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Generally, it takes around three months to see significant and consistent clearing (although everyone is different, so some people clear up a little faster and some need a bit longer). Just keep doing what you're doing, and try to be patient. : )

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i'm on my second week of benzoyl peroxide i've seen a slight imrpovement but not much either. i wonder how it took for other users of this product as well?

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Took me six weeks until the redness and stinging from the BP + moisturizer combo subsided. A total of two and a half months to see consistent clearing. Another month more, and the red marks started to fade.

Moving on to add AHA to my Regimen now to get the final blackheads out of the t-zone to perfect the complexion. This stuff works, you just have to be extremely patient and disciplined about it.

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I am on two months on the Regimen and I experienced the SAME thing. Seemed at first my skin cleared but then break outs started occuring the same again. BUT I noticed some significant differences in my skin, like you, the break outs were shorter, and I also noticed that my skin was much smoother and not so bumpy like before. Less oily and my skin just feels better! But I am still having some significant breakouts just in spots and it's really frustrating. I'm going to give it another month or two because there are some real improvements in my skin and the advice on this site says "stick with it." So I will. AHA does rock! Good luck!!

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