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Hi everyone

I am 20 years old and have had acne since i was about 15

I have just recently cleard completely!

I wanted to share my cure! what worked for me!

Ok here it goes

1-Take vitamin D 1000-4000 iu a day!

2-drink lots of water during ur day and at night atleast 4 glasses a day

3-buy oxy pads(the red one)(deep cleaning) use 2 or 3 every night before bed(dont wash ur face only in the shower)

4-Ok if ur a teen! masturbation is natural but if you do it every day and u got acne! you have to

slow down!.Sex ups the hormones and inflames acne!

For the zits u curently have

maybe wana stay home next day(gunna be a little red)

do this before bed in the mirror

Take a sewing needle(small)

Dip the tip in rubbing alcahol or peroxide

Find the cloged pore(middle of zit)poke around carefully(the pin will go in)

carefully push the needle into the pore(this will release the clog and make the pore lose for all that will come out)

the needle will go a couple mm into the pore sometimes more

remove the pin

now take a finger from each hand and place the fingers beside the zit on each side

push from deep to surface slowly(no fingernails)that will leave marks for tomorow :S

Dont push to hard keep doing this till all sebum and blood runs out! this is ok

clean with tissue(use clean tisue every zit!)

Repeat with all pimples

than go over the intire area with the oxy pads or tissue soaked with perozide

Let dry

go back to the mirror in 20 minutes and go over ur face with a oxy pad again to remove little

scabs from the blood.

(the area may be verry red)this will be gone in 8-10 hours when u wake up

the next day for me was a little red use coverup? if ur a dude doesent matter

just dab liquid coverup on the red spot and remove exes with other finger

take vitamin d! there is no toxisity so u can take like 4000iu a day! im telling you.

Hope this helps!

*moderator edit*

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There is no conclusive that "masturbation" causes Acne. Some people think it may affect due to the fact that hormones play a part in the role of acne but that doesn't mean that's the culprit. And picking your skin with a needle is bad enough even though it has alcholol. You're just going to end up irritating your skin even worse.

Oxy pads do come in handy when have a breakout and often they've been known as the best pads you can get. Be careful of the Oxy wash though, since it contains 10% BP and can serious irritation and may make your face look like a strawberry.

Vitamin D3 is also a helpful supplement like you said. For people who don't get enough sunlight in their day.

But Congrats on your Acne getting clear. :clap:

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That pore-harpooning endeavour just sounds like a horrendus idea; but each to their own, i guess.. :shock:

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I laughed when you said "drink a lot of water" followed by "like 4 cups a day!" I drink that in much every few hours.... haha


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Ive read this "stop masturbating" one before. Its something to do with limited coenzyme A i think. But as Ben said there is no "conclusive evidence for it"

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I took the treatment of acne for a month ago, The doctor is very professional & I feel does his best to give you the best results possible. Epione is the best place for this problem I think.

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lemmy: i second that

i average 2.23 - 2.5L of water every day, 3 plus during the summer time. it cleared me completely a long time ago (can you believe it! just water alone) bcos i was stone broke and couldnt afford to buy soda or sugary beverages. hasnt had that kind of dramatic effect again since i re-adopted that volume of comsumption BUT gotta keep trying.

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The general consensus especially when it comes to adults is that if you keep your face clean and well nourished, acne has very few chances of cropping up.â€You can use the paste and put it on your face the paste consists of water and sesame seeds. “It is from basic things in natural acne treatment.

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i drink around 3-4L of water a day. and i still break out.

Water is great for the body in general, but for some people this might work, others it doesnt. Depends on the type of acne you have and the root in which its forming from. Water alone cant cure most peoples acne unfortunately.

Great you're clear though! =)

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Do all the vitimans help your skin. I mean so far

Vitiman A - accutane

Vitiman B - Viteman b5 - vilantae

Vitiman C - known to help your skin

Vitiman D - your saying has effect

Vitiman E - is supposed to help aleviate dryness

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