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So I've been looking into Vit A 10,000 IU supplements. Two types of Vit A regularly pop up: Vit A as retinyl palmitate and Vit A as fish liver oil.

After some researching, I've found that retinyl palmitate is a more concentrated form, so it's easier to OD on it, as oppose to fish liver oil (aside from that, it didn't state if one works better than the other). But that's about all I got from trying to find out which has given more success to people with acne.

Can anyone help shed more light on this for me?


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I have the 8,000 of retinyl palmitate and it does have sardine oil in it. My question is how long before it starts to help with acne? I have read anywhere from 3 to 4 months. Hopefully someone will answer our questions. Elf

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I take vitamin a in the form of beta carotene. It's almost impossible to OD on, at least when taken responsibly. I take 50,000IU a day (25,000 in the AM and 25,000 in the PM with meals).

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I take 50,000IU per day - two 25,000IU softgels made from halibut fish liver oil

It's been around two months now and I've not noticed any difference. Maybe it's a case of not getting worse though, so I guess without it my skin might be in a poorer condition. I will have the rest of the pot, I'm around halfway through after two months, and will report back with any changes.

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Cod liver oil is best as it contains vitamin D too. Vit D and A work very closely. I think it takes about 3 mths to notice a difference with most supplements...

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Hi everyone, I alternate. One day I'll take a 10,000 IU of Vitamin A from fish liver oil (with Vitamin D), and another day I'll take 10,000 IU of beta carotene. I personally like Solgar vitamins. I take their B-complex, evening primrose oil, zinc and pycnogenol too. All the best, S4s

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