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Prematurely popping spots

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I don't know why I do this week in and week out and then blame the world for my shortcomings when its is mainly my fault my skin looks like this. I think its because I just cant bear the thought of a spot being on my face or people seeing a whitehead. I never wait until the spot surfaces and I just go ahead and extract it. This undoubtedly makes the spot faaaar worse and leaves me with a worse mark that will continue to haunt me for months to come. If only I'd waited longer then there possibly wouldn't be any mark or at least would decrease the fading time of the mark. This is such a bad habit and it needs to be stopped for the sake of my skin and overall...life. So, my questions to the people of the .org is -

1) How do I make a whitehead surface faster?

2) How long do YOU wait for a whitehead to surface?

3) How do I get rid of this habit?


Few more Q's

4) Whats the best way to pop a spot?

5) How do I avoid scarring/reduce fading time after popping?

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Have you considered trying Dan's Chill Out Program?

Thanks for that! very helpful! Do you know about the other questions? Would really appreciate some insight on them.

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Heat usually helps draw the gunk in pimples to the surface, so applying a warm (not hot), wet washcloth on a zit for a minute or two several times a day might bring it to a head faster.

And there's information on the correct way to pop pimples here.

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