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k here is my dilemma. Back in February, I went to my dermatologist that I have been going to for 3 and a half years. She decided to put me on accutane. She said " A lot of people come to me begging for accutane and I have to turn them down because they don't need it, but I really think it will help you and I feel like we have tried everything and nothing has worked" So she gave me birth control and signed me up for ipledge then told me to come back in a month. So last Monday, I came back. But she was sick and so I had to go to a different derm (who by the way, has never seen me in his LIFE so had no right to judge) He said my acne wan't bad enough to go on accutane gave me some tazorac and left me in tears. Literally. I have already tried tazorac (idiot. haha jk) I have been on (to name a few) Benzaclin, differin, doxycyclin, clindamycin, minocyclin, tazorac, acanya, aczone, solydon, amoxicillin, duac, retina A, and more. NOTHING HAS WORKED. Anyway, I am going back next week to my regular derm but I am nervous that because of the other derm (he might even be her boss idk) she will decide not to put me on it. She was totally completely for it before but what if because of him she won't want to give me a script for it? What should I do if she doesn't? Im really nervous.

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Im 99% sure if your orig. derm went through all the ipledge paperwork, gave you the birthcontrol rx and everything she/he will give you the accutane script no problem, expalin what hapened with the other derm, the fact he didnt know you ect.

i sorta had this problem:

home doctor - been with him for 20 years, gradually prescribed me every anti-b, discussed accutane


uni doctor - would not refer me to derm or accutane.


home doctor - refered me instantly.

it just goes to show, if you arent getting the answers you want, change your doctor, esp if you are in the U.S and are paying out of the ass for healthcare.

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Don't freak out. The new derm has never seen you before, doesn't really know what you've gone through (except for what's written in your chart, but he probably didn't pay attention to that). So go ahead and go back to your normal derm. Act like this whole crappy thing never happened. Go be firm, get what you want. Good luck

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