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New to Roaccutane

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Hi everyone,

I am new to acne.org so a bit about me (people seem to do this! Ha ha)...

Well I'm just about to turn 23 and have had acne for about 10 years. I have tried just about everything going to sort out my acne, from every option the GP could offer me, everything you could possible try from Boots, and the Dermalogica routine as well. Nothing worked until I started uni and the doctors gave me a cream called Duac, which was part clindamyacin phosphate and part benzoyl peroxide. This actually worked really well for a couple of years but then I guess my skin got resistant to it, and I am now on the holy grail of all acne 'cures' - Roaccutane.

I'm have been prescribed 30mg a day for the first month and 60mg for 3 months after this and am just two weeks into the first month now. What I have noticed is:

- Dry lips - I'm constantly applying Blistex Intensive Moisturiser but that works really well.

- Dry hair and sensitive scalp (which I have just dyed to get some shine back!)

- a weird combination of drying out/flaking skin, which somehow manages to be greasy at the same time?!

About a week ago my skin started breaking out, its not particularly worse than my skin has been during a bad phase in the past, but my first quite inflamed break out has just started to heal up a bit and now my skin just seems to have lots of smaller congested pores. I guess this must be the initial break out that I have heard about but because its my birthday next week I was really hoping I would start to see an improvement in time for then! I googled IB and some people are reporting having theirs last for several months!! So I was wondering if this was normal for most people? My boyfriend and his sister (who were both on it when they were 16) only had theirs for about 2 weeks before their skin started to look really clear, and I was hoping that this would be the case for me too!

Any thoughts anyone has would be really interesting- thanks guys!

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