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Hi, i've been browsing the forums over about a year now, searching for different miracles that have helped people, and have finally created a regime that really works for me (red marks have decreased by about 30% in the last month..not bad at all for me!).

I've figured I have a mixture of scarring, hyperpigmentation (on the surface of skin) and broken blood vessels (deep beneath the layers of skin), creating a very horrid skin texture. My following regime is as follows:

(please note i have no active acne, accutane worked wonders for me)


Wash face with just water

Aloe Vera

Sun block 30spf

Evenings I alternate between:

Day 1: ACV with water 50:50

Emu Oi

Next day: Dan's AHA

Vitamin E oil

and then go back to the ACV day

Daily I have been taking orally:

15mg zinc a day (too much seems to make me break out a bit)

400iu Vitamin E

1.5l water with lemon juice

All of this has significantly helped my skin, its looking better day by day! My scarring is looking better too, it may be temporary, i'm not too sure, but its definitely better.

The most important thing is by far SUN BLOCK! I never used to put sun block on cos i live in the UK and we don't get thaat much sun, but since religiously putting it on, my red marks are DEFINITELY lightening.

I will upload a few images in the next few days, but to be honest I don't have anything to compare it to as I don't have many pics of me before with my bad bad skin..

feel free to pm me about any details

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