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My Experience With Cystic Acne

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Hello everybody,

I purposely became a member of this online community to share my personal experience with cystic acne with you. This probably interested you or else you probably wouldn't be reading this at the moment. I really hope I can find somebody who can relate to me and understand what I'm going through. My cystic acne all started off almost 5 years ago when I was approximately 14. It was still at a very early age and stage of puberty and my acne had never been truly severe until one night as I was sleeping chronic cystic acne developed all around the area under my chin and my upper neck. I could not recall what couldve caused this overnight disaster other than scratching my chins a few times before I slept due to some sort of allergy rash. The cystic acne developed as I was sleeping. Completely unaware of the severity of the acne I had just picked at it and started peeling off my skin and bursting all the pimples in the nodule. The acne caused me tremendous pain and I thought picking would provide me with temporary relief. I was young and in a half asleep condition. Before I knew it I woke up to see in a mirror of the horrible acne I developed. At this time I was in China a very polluted place. My acne burned and ached wherever I went. I went to a local dermatologist who said my acne was very very severe and might even need injections to slow down the growth. That year was arguably the

most depressing year in my life. After being prescribed antibiotics and a huge bottle of benzaclin (at this time I wasn't ready for Accutane), my skin did not improve much. Now, four years later, after persistent daily use of Benzaclin and antibiotics for around 2 years, I can say my cystic acne on my neck have gone away. Sure I may get little acne here and there on my forehead once in awhile but that's probably because of my poor daily lifestyle and sleeping habits. I have a large keloid on my upper neck and many blemishes and scars. My dermatologist recommended to wait for awhile for my skin to naturally heal before finding treatment to cure the scars. I'm still quite devastated by this incident four years ago and not one day do I not wish I never picked my acne that night. I hope I can at least lighten these scars. I know the neck is a very sensitive area and I am very hesitant to do surgery. I hope you guys can suggest me some ideas.

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