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I am new to the board - i'm 35 and have had acne since 12. I have bad scars on one side of my face (which is really dumb). My breakouts lessens around 25 to maybe two-three cystic acne bumps a year. I would get a cortisone shot and be on my way. This past year, I went to a dermatologist to see about improving the quality of my skin, now that it has calmed down. I had about eight laser treatments (for broken blood vessels) as well as microdermabrasion. My derm is this bizarre Russian woman and she worked in a skin clinic. She told me that she could also treat me outside of the clinic for my rosacea. I ended up going to her home clinic (she is also a naturopath and homeopath - yes, licensed, I checked) about five times. She kept pushing herbs and cleanses. I declined because I am trying to conceive (I didn't tell her that because I didn't want her advice - it's personal). So last visit, she started picking at all of my blackheads telling me she must extract the infection. These were tiny blackheads! She's always a bit "thorough" but she kept squeezing and picking. Fast forward twleve hours - I have FIVE deep cysts where she picked. SO mad! Sorry for the long post, but what should I do? I wrote her an email telling her what happened and that I do not want to see her anymore. I am half tempted to tell the clinic that she is stealing their patients, but that would give me more bad karma and I don't want any more pimples.

So - it's weekend - can't get a cortisone shot - what do i do?

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Girl, you need to tell the the clinic what she's doing. It could be costing them business if she's having clients go to her home and worsening their skin condition. She works there and therefore what she does at her home reflects on the clinic.

I'm so sorry to hear about the cysts. The only thing I can think of would be to get the cortisone shots, they seem to help pretty quick. Sucks it's the weekend. Honestly, I think being patient is the only thing you can do right now, until Monday to see if you can get the cortisone injections.

Your story sounds similar to mine (sort of). I went to get a facial back in October. Wasn't having any issues with acne, just figured, I'm 27. I should probably start taking care of my skin to prevent wrinkles. Well, the idiot doing the facial picked and picked at my face with her tools. It was extremely painful. I didn't have anything on my face that I felt needed extracted. Well, about 3 weeks later I started to get tiny white bumps where she'd been picking, those bumps morphed into huge ugly cystic acne. It's been awful. It's finally starting to heal. But I've been thru hell with my skin. I think that if they pick at something that shouldn't be picked at, they just give your skin more problems. If it's not coming out, they need to leave it alone instead of continuing to pick at it.

Good luck on the trying to concieve, we're hoping to do the same later this year. Hopefully I'm totally clear by then, I'm getting there.

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