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For those who don't use a cleanser.

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I figured this might be a good place to ask:

I've come across a few people in the acne.org messageboards who don't use a soap or a cleanser or anything on their faces. They just wash with plain water and that's it.

I'm curious, because I always have sunblock or concealer or SOMETHING on my face, and I don't think I could live without at least my gentle Neutrogena bar--I have to wash off my SPF 45 by the end of the day or I just can't live with myself.

How do people who only wash with water get stuff like sunblock off their faces at the end of the day? Does it just take a long time to come off?

I'm just curious, that's all.

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I always only wash my face with water. Hot water first, then cold water. I dont use soaps or anything.

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Is it easy to get sunblock, etc off that way? I'd think it would take forever. If it works for you that's cool. I'm just curious, though.

Also, what made you decide to stop using soaps/cleansers?

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Spots Be Gone,

I'm a big fan of the water only regimen. My theory is that empty pores are bad for you. Therfore don't wash the oil out of your pores.

I'm a male and I don't know what the answer is as far as getting make-up or sun-block off. But in sticking with my theory, if you had to use cleanser to get make-up off then immediately fill your pores with BP, moisturizer, emu oil, or something.

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Hi spots_be_gone,

Some people recommended witch hazel to me a little while ago for getting make-up off. I've since bought Thayer's Witch Hazel. There are non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic versions of it. I bought the alcoholic version by mistake (I'm sensitive to alcohol), but I used it anyway to take off make-up, and it works pretty well. I think you'd be OK with using it at night to wipe all the stuff you use on your face during the day, and just wash with water afterwards. And it doubles as a toner. You might want to try that...you can get it at Wholefoods for about $8-$10.

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in japan a lot of people use cleansing oil which is a cleanser that is oil based. i've tried this and it works unbelievably well with removing clogged dirt, some blackheads, everything. the problem is it works too well, that it dries up my skin too.

shiseido makes one cleansing oil i think. but the brand i used was called tiss.

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