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Tri Sprintec

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Has anyone had any luck with tri sprintec (generic ortho tri cyclen)? I've been on tretinoin .1% for about 2 months and minocyclen for about 5 weeks. My skin was beginning to clear up, until I started tri sprintec... I'm almost at the end of my 3rd week of my first cycle of pills and I'm breaking out like crazy! I'm not sure if I should bother buying another pack of pills or if this is just an "initial breakout" and it will clear up. I feel like I don't even want to leave my house. I'm so sick of this, and so frustrated.

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Hi 1Pandabear, ive been on tri sprintec for 4 years and retin-a for 11 or 12 years now . Tri sprintec did nothing to help clear my acne if anything it made it worse, Im seriously considering trying another type of birthcontrol but too afraid it will just give me the same results :doh: I hope everything works out for you

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I started the name brand ortho tri cyclen at age 22 (at the same time I did a course of accutane) and was switched to tri sprintec around age 28 and was on it until I was 34. It definitely helped with acne for me, but everyone's different. I remember breaking out a little worse at first and then starting to see clearing (but like I said, I was also taking accutane so I can't say for sure what caused the IB and what helped with the clearing, if it was the bcp, the accutane or a combo of both.) I know a lot of people have had luck with Yaz, but I tried that for a while last year and broke out from it, so you never know.

I usually try to stick with a new treatment, especially a hormonally based one, for a few months because I feel like I won't really know if it's going to work until my body gets used to it. But you have to do what feels right for you.

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