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Evil new doc wants to stop my spiro

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I recently moved to a new city and when I visited my new doctor's surgery to get a repeat of my spiro (200mg a day) the doctor looked puzzled. She said she had never heard of using Spiro for acne and was very sniffy with me. But because she saw in my notes a letter from a derm in 2008 suggesting Spiro, she reluctantly gave me a prescription.

I received a letter from her today, saying:

'Following your consultation I have had the opportunity to look into the prescribing of Spiro for acne. This is not a licensed indication for prescribing Spiro. In addition it can affect the salts in your blood.' She went to say that she has referred me to a derm and I can't have any more until I've seen them.

I'm freaking out a bit as the Spiro has taken a long time to work, but with the recent addition of some duac, my skin is looking the best it has done for years and years. There's no way I want to stop taking it now. I know in the UK that Spiro for acne is not as well known, but it's clear this silly doc has not done her research properly. There are loads of studies on Spiro and acne.

I'm terrified that the derm will not be an advocate of Spiro and refuses to support me still taking it. Obviously I will kick off big style, but I could really do without the stress and running out of tablets in the meantime. I've been on Spiro for nearly 2 years. (On 100mg for the first few months) and I was only thinking the other day how happy I was with my skin, it's soooo unfair!

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Load up on Spiro Research- And switch Dr if you must. Hang in there. Spiro has really worked for me as well. Agree to have your lab work drawn every six months to watch your "salts" (primarily potassium) And show her that your kidney function is healthy (as proven by and renal panel blood lab)-- maybe she will settle down and feel it is safe for you. Spiro has been used for decades for little old folks to keep there blood pressure down. If they can handle it, I think we can ;)

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Fair point. Cheers I'll get some stuff together. I would have had it out with the doc, but she said in her letter she was on holiday for 2 weeks now. How convenient?

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