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Any significant long term success stories from CO2 laser?

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Hi there,

This post might sound a little pessimistic but I would really like to know this before spending much money...

I am considering having the Deep FX CO2 laser procedure performed on "dilated pores" and was told by a well-respected dermatologist that one treatment could permanently improve them by around 50%. While I would love to believe this, it doesn't jive with any of the C02 laser stories I've heard in this forum or any other. It seems the only positive feedback is from people reporting their results around a week to a month after the procedure, mistaking micro-swelling for actual improvement. The reports beyond this length of time are overwhelmingly negative.

So my question is this: Can anybody report long term significant (>20-30%) improvement from using a CO2 laser (or any laser for that matter)?

Also, thank you so much for this board. It would be much more difficult to cut through all of the dubious claims from dermatologists and skin care product manufacturers without it!


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Jim, I am probably at 60%, but that is after 3 Re:pairs at the highest intensity(70mj-60%) and almost 2 years. It is very hard to remember where you were, and pictures never tell the true story.

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Absolutely! I had Fractional CO2 done last May, and would day I've experienced at least 50% improvement! My skin texture is smoother, and pores smaller. My scarring is improved and I have much more confidence!! I am planning to have another treatment this summer, my PS said 2-3 treatments would give me 80%+ improvement. I was doubtful until seeing the results for myself. He used the Matrix Fractional laser, and used very high settings (not sure of the numbers), but he told me he was aggressive without knowing how my skin would react or heal. Now that he knows, he will be able to use higher intensity next time.

I don't have pictures, but I will add that I've also had 2 dermabrasions and one full face CO2, and neither of those produced results like this! I am a 45 yr old, fair skinned female (almost red hair fair). I am very happy with my results!!

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