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which cleanser to use with ACCUTANE!?

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Hi everyone...

God I feel weird today, my acne looks really bad!! argh its so horrible, why does it have to such a horrible looking disease???????? I feel like shit!!!!!!!! please can I have words of support in such a difficult time!!!the only thing keeping me going is knowing im starting accutane which should hopefully work!! so...

I just started accutane like today and im on 20mg for one week then 40mg for the rest of the month, but I was wondering for those who have take accutane or taking it now...whats the best face wash to use? Right now I have an exfoliator which I don't know if its okay to use while on accutane?

Cna anyone suggest facewashes they used and also the types of facewashes to use with accutane like cream, gel, soap etc..

also...for those who are on accutane or taken it...when you took higher doses e.g. 40mg, did you take two 20mg capsules a day? or did u have one capsule containing 40mg?

thank you!!!!

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I would stop using the exfoliate. Accutane will make your skin very sensitive and the exfoliator could potentially make your acne worse. As a general rule I'd say that less is more when it comes to putting products on your face when you have acne. I use Spectro Gell (I've been on accutane 60mg/day for 1.5 months now). It's a very mild product but will still clean your face. Other people use Cetaphil but I look at the two products as almost identical. Once you start your course (as I'm sure you know) you will get dry skin, especially on your face. If you're like me you may get flaky patches (mostly around pimples that are on the way out). You can use a wash cloth and GENTLY remove this dead skin. I would only do this once in a while though, and definitely make sure you aren't vigorously rubbing your face when you do it. As for your other question. I'm on 60mg/day but taking 40mg tablets. I take 40mg one day and then 80mg the other so it averages to 60. In your case you will probably get the 40mg tablets but it's no big deal if you have to take 2 20mg pills a day.

Good luck!! :D

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thank you! very informative, I will definetly go out and buy a mild cleanser such as those you mentioned. I thought as well that the exofliation would be too harsh with accutane. I see about the pills...yh its no big deal taking 2 20mg, just as long as they add up to the 40mg!

thanks once again :) good luck with your course too hope its working well for you!!

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