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Exfoliation while on the regimen

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Hi all!

I'm about one month into the regimen and so far I'm pleased with the results. I'm not completely clear yet, but there have been great improvements so I will stick with it! I have very resilient skin, one of the things I am so grateful for. My skin can handle a lot. I never get red, dry or itchy from products. I used to exfoliate my face with a scrub every day, before my hormones got all out whack (which caused me to break out, prompting me to start the regimen). It had never adversely affected me before-- as a matter of fact, I think that it actually helped my face stay clear.

I stopped using the scrubs, obviously, when I started the regimen. But my skin tone is very uneven, and I have a feeling that most of the small mini pimples I've been getting are a direct result of a lack of exfoliation. Once I hit the three month mark for the regimen, would it be feasible to re-incorporate scrubs two or three times a week? I like the results I'm getting from the AHA but it may not be enough. Like I said, my skin is very resilient and not sensitive at all and I never had a problem with scrubs before.

And ideas, experience or feedback is welcome! And most of all, thanks!!!


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Once you're staying consistently clear, it's okay to add in or change products one at a time. So yeah, if you wanted to try adding in an exfoliant, you could do that.

Keep in mind, though, that exfoliating scrubs, such as St. Ives, that contain bits of ground up apricot or peach pits (or anything similar) aren't the greatest for acne-prone skin. The granules in them actually have sharp, jagged edges which can cause micro-tears in your skin, which are not only irritating (and irritation can lead to breakouts), but make an excellent entry point for bacteria.

A better option, if you still want to use a manual exfoliant, would be to find one that has smooth, silica beads in it. These beads are just as good at helping to loosen up dry, dead skin, but because they're smooth, they're gentler on your skin.

Also, be sure to check the ingredients on the exfoliant you decide to use, as many of them are medicated with Salicylic Acid, which can be irritating when used in conjunction with BP.

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Thanks c'est!

I used a homemade sugar scrub. Basically, it's a little sugar with cetaphil gentle cleanser and jojoba oil. It worked very well for me before the regimen, but I'm assuming that you'd categorize sugar with ground up apricots and peach pits, due to sharp edges? haha :)

Could I still use this if I tried to be extremely careful, or does that not matter in the long run?

Thanks again!

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I suppose it's worth a shot. I mean, don't the sugar crystals dissolve somewhat when you're using the scrub? I'd think (although I'm not sure) that that would dull any edges that they might have.

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I've always figured that's what happens, which is why I've continued to use it. But yeah, it's worth a shot. I mean, there's no reason why it would cause flare ups now if it never did before right?

Thanks for your advice!

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I hope it goes well. Let me know! : )

Well, it's been a month and I was almost completely clear so I decided to reincorporate my sugar scrub. Let me say that it was the worst decision I've made this far. I broke out all over again--I had 5 or 6 big red inflamed pimples on my face and I'm still recuperating. :(

Once I've healed from this, I am going to find something else. Maybe a gently exfoliating oatmeal mask? It sounds way less irritating and abrasive than sugar...

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Aww, that sucks. : (

Do you think maybe just using a wet washcloth to gently exfoliate would be enough? Like, if you waited until the end of your shower, so your skin was all softened up, and then just kind of buffed your skin with the towel?

That way you wouldn't have to be applying a scrub or foodstuffs (lol) to your face, and maybe your skin would tolerate that better?

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haha Yeah, I think staying away from the food would be a good idea! I was raised in a household where everything was kept as natural as possible. My mind automatically turns to non-chemical options whenever I think of new things to try. Kind of ironic, seeing as I'm on the Regimen and all. haha

How does one go about using a washcloth for exfoliation? Would I just wait until the end of my shower when my skin has been completely softened by the water?

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