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My First Skin Compliment :)

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So I was at work today, not wearing make-up, which is part of the plan, and someone I work with commented that my skin looks a lot clearer, especially on my cheeks! :D I've never felt so confident without make-up before! Such an encouragement :)

And the best part? I'm pre-menstrual. So my acne is comparatively worse than it has been the last couple of weeks. But that being said, I can really see the improvement from how my skin usually is at this time of the month. Yes, my forehead is oilier, the pores on my cheeks are larger and i do have the recurring big spot on one cheek... but the extent is a tiny fraction of my usual monthly outbreak. My regimen seems to have stopped it dead in its tracks, before it could reap havoc on my recently improved complexion! All this has done wonders for my mood too! I'm so happy today I just want to share this with you all!

My regimen has 3 parts:

  1. Diet
  2. Products
  3. Habits

The first part, Diet, was inspired by a feature I read in Elle magazine (I can copy it up for you if you message me). As well as drinking more water and eating more fruit and veg (yep, we've heard it all before), I'm trying to have more fish, eggs, olive oil, etc, whilst avoiding caffeine, red meat and too much sugar. Also, I've been having spirulina. This is a blue-green algae which is a superfood, helping to boost collagen production and enable the body to make vitamin A, which regulates oil production. (It's taken in tablet form but is also in some health foods and drinks). I'm also taking HRI clear complexion tablets. I think I have these to thank for my healthier looking cheeks, which used to be blotchy but are a lot better now. I've read some reviews and people often comment their complexion is more even. Honestly though, besides the HRI tablets, I'm really not sticking to the diet as well as i'd planned!

The second part, Products, is a lot more straightforward! I'm using Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Kit. (The one that's a cleanser with BP in it, a moisturiser and a rapid action gel.) I started using it just in the morning and using a C&C cleansing wipe before bed. But now I've been using it morning and night for 2 weeks and I can really see the difference! So remember that it's really important to use the whole kit, twice a day, every day, to see results :)

That's about it really... I've also used a C&C blackhead scrub a few times but i think it was too harsh for my other spots. And I used a Boots own brand tea tree face mask when i noticed my pms spots emerging but i'm not sure it had much of an effect.

Okay, I'll keep the last part, Habits, short and sweet. STOP PICKING. I'd cut down already but now I just don't. I generally keep touching my face at all to a minimum, and with it, I've gained a sense of control, which helps my confidence :). Also, I'm not exactly a smoker, but I've been known to have a few on social occasions. Not anymore :) and of course, this is great for overall health too, like the fruit and veg hah. Oh and I hardly wear make-up anymore. Once or twice a week when I'm going somewhere I want to look nicer. Never at work. I only work in a warehouse afterall! I went into town shopping the other day, my face bare. I don't think I've done that in about 5 years and it felt so good!

So yeah, that's how I'm tackling acne from all angles! From the outside, from the inside and preventing each blemish from getting worse. I just figured that after 11 years (first started getting spots in year 4 - now i'm in the middle of my pre-uni gap year), enough is enough. I'm gonna beat acne this year.

If this doesn't all work, I will be getting myself to the doctors (I have tried pretty much everything else). Who knows, my acne could be just a symptom of some more serious underlying hormonal condition :S It's not a nice thing to say, but I have been worried about this.

But I honestly don't think it will come to that. I'm seeing great results already!

More even complexion, smaller spot sizes, spots don't stay around for as long, even my red marks seem to be fading! No flaking, no pain, no worries :). Yeah, I'm really pleased with the progress!

I realise this is quite long and I hope you've read it all and can take some good advice away with you. Please ask if you want more details, and I'd absolutely love more encouragement!

Thanks for reading,

A :)

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Thanks for sharing your personal skin regime. I came across myskin.com via twitter. I follow the homemade remedies mentioned in their forum section and it works well for my acne pron skin. The results were all I could wish for. You can join them by using an invitation code “greatskin

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