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Just finished taking Accutane

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My face looks great. It's still slightly red and stuff but that will fade.

However, I have a bunch of tiny little pink/red spots where the acne used to be, and I was wondering, about how long do these take to fade? How long will it take for my face to look completely normal and clear??

Also, is there any kind of topical cream that I can use to help heal my little pink/red marks faster? Thanks.

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i have no idea how long it will take for your face to look completely normal and clear because it was different for me. when i started first round it took about 2 weeks for it to clear and i DIDN'T EVEN have a BAD initial breakout. and hope i don't scare you but for me after about 6 months finishing accutane my acne becomes like 2x worse. then after 2nd round it became like 3x worse. now.....i'm just fearing every day that goes by after i finished my 3rd round in december that my face will become 4x worse. but i hope accutane works for you in the long run. for me it caused me serious depression on the 3rd round. i nudged off any side effects for the 1st and 2nd round. im thinking i really should've stopped at 2nd round because i was depressed but i kinda lied to my doctor (i know that's terrible of me) saying it's not too bad. i lied because i was afraid there would not be another effective alternative.

maybe try erythromycin topical or benzacline topical. im not an expert at this and i haven't tried it but i searched hours on a good prescribed topical. on acne.org ethromycin was rated 3.6/5 by262 votes (not too high on the rating but i read good reviews on other websites) . benzacline was rated 3.9/5 by 833 votes. maybe benzacline is better i don't know. check it out. i hope you find something that works though.

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