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My pill & pimple popping adventure (I'll attach pictures at some stage)

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Kay well, I guess I should start off with my glorious acne past which I ever so happily visit and recount... blllllergghhghh

This will probably be quite long, I tend to ramble a bit, so I'd just like to apologize in advance. Please don't hate me...

I started getting zits when puberty hit (I call them zits cause I HATE the P word, I just used it in the heading because alliteration is cool). I'd just get one lovely big nodule and a scatter of blackheads across my nose, then the nodule would go away, then another would pop up. This was around 9-10 (I was an early bloomer) and lasted til I was 12, then I had this horrific outbreak and yada yada the whole experience was painful. That was my first year of high school (I live in Australia) so you can imagine how frustrating and upsetting it was. I went to the doctor in April or something of that year and I got differin and eryacne, and then by about October or November I was pretty much 99% clear. I can't remember most of the year due to me blocking it out, it wasn't a very great year at all.

I've been using differin at night ever since. I don't think it does anything anymore, but I'm scared to not use it (although I've stopped now that I'm on accutane).

The two years that followed, I was basically clear for most of the year. I did get zits and everything, but nothing of the severity that I had 1/2 years prior. At the time I was still pooped my skin wasn't amazing but I'm so jealous of that past self... damn you, me, damn you... :doh:

So then came year 10. I expected this year to be a glorious year of social events and academic achievements. It wasn't at all really. I wagged so much last year and avoided social contact most weekends. This was because I had a great cystic outbreak on the holidays - after a few weeks of using Dermalogica. Because I still got zits (though mild) and I was self conscious about those harmless fellas, I got mum to invest in Dermalogica. Well that was one of the worst investments in my life. I used it for about 2 weeks and my skin looked AMAZING. It was so so clear, I was incredibly happy, it was amaaazing. The next week or so my skin got a bit worse and a cyst appeared on my cheek. I had never had a cyst before, besides on my back (yum) so I was like oh maybe my skin is just adjusting? Maybe I have my period soon? I knew something was up when I went to get my eyebrows done and the beautician actually commented on my skin and suggested for me to use Dermalogica (I told her I was and she was very surprised). Then I went on holiday for 2 weeks in New Zealand and all of a sudden I'd wake up with 4 or 5 new zits every morning. No biggie, I thought, Dermalogica my best friend will take care of them now! But once you wake up with 5 zits, then the next morning you have another 5 - that's 10 active zits right there. And it just kept building and building.

Well Dermalogica just kept stabbing me in the back. It was the only skincare I had at the time so I couldn't bring myself to 'discontinue use'. It progressed day by day and I remember the night before we left I was standing in front of the mirror in a motel, looking at my face, completely bawling my eyes out. I was red, flakey, I could not even open my mouth or talk without my face in complete pain. I couldn't even put makeup on. I was in this beautiful country, but instead of enjoying it all I was crying my heart out every day and night, having my dad and step mum trying to comfort me, feeling sorry for myself. I'd walk around the town pretending to chew my nails, trying to cover up my face.

Anyway, when I got back in Australia I went to the doctor (then derm) and went on doxycycline. I was offered to go on accutane but I was like nooooo never! Get away! Though my acne was severe at the time I ignored its severity. Anyway so 6 months of doxycycline passed and I was mostly clear (I have been red mark city ever since zits started coming, though). This was about October last year. I only remember up til about March and after September of last year, I'm sure I'd be able to muster up some more memories but no thank you. My face is always SO oily and blah. After my cystic breakout last year, I get cysts fairly often. I'd still say my skin is still severe cystic acne but I have had worse. I knew that I'd have to be on antibiotics for at least another 5-10 years if I wanted to lessen my acne, but then what if my body grows immune to it? So I decided to take the accutane plunge. And here I am!

Once again, I apologize about my life story. Oh and I'm 16 & female.

It's already day three and of course nothing has changed yet, my lips aren't even dry, but some of my zits have shrunk, I'm not exactly sure if that's accutane doing its business already. I dread the IB so I hope taking a lower dose and easing up to it will lessen that (I'm on 20mg the first week, then I'll be taking 40mg every other day and see how I am after that.)

I'll try to attach some pictures in future times :D and I won't be doing a daily thing because I think it's unhealthy to be focusing on my skin ALL the time (even though I do but daily posting clarifies that)

but anyway yes, there it is. I am awkward with endings/goodbyes... so...

the end?

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So this is day... five! Yesterday I took 40mg but I'll just take 40mg every other day for a week or so. My lips are finally starting to dry out and my skin is also starting to dry out. I haven't had a pimple ever since I started O.O in fact, my skin is looking pretty good... so I hope it doesn't get shocking within the next couple of days.

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So it's been almost 3 weeks already I suppose? Geee time has gone fast...

anyway, so all that has changed is my skin is drying, I have 2 new cysts (big and painful might I add) on my left cheek, and I'm applying lip balm every hour or so. Oh, and my joints are hurting. Other then that, everything's going magnificently! I thought that by this time my skin would have gone crazy due to the IB, but I'm hoping all there is to my IB is those 2 cysts. And they're the only actives I have, it's fantastic! I haven't even washed my hair in 5 days... I know that's pretty gross, but it hasn't gotten oily at all. I'll be washing it tonight (or this morning seeming as it's 2.30am now) because I'll feel dirty if I don't :)

My chest is clearing too, it used to be covered in blackheads and they're all pushing themselves out... same with on my nose.

Oh, and my nose piercing is bleeding. I got it pierced 6 months ago so I don't know why =/ but it's never properly healed anyway... all well, it isn't that bad.

Ah, and I took 20mg for the first week and then been taking 20mg one day, 40mg the next and so on.

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