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March 9, 2010

Okay, so I'm still trying to get the hang of this website lol.

So a little bit about me... my name is Lauren. I live in the Midwest... in the humid, freezing cold, unpredictable and crazy climate that is northern Illinois. I'm turning 20 in a little under a week. I'm in college and I have a boyfriend who is in the USAF in a special forces division, stationed halfway across the country and over a thousand miles away from me. I'm hoping he will support me as much as possible throughout my accutane journey, which I start in a couple of days.

My acne story: I've struggled with acne for (what seems like forever) about 6 years now. I've tried so many things it's ridiculous. I was on antibiotics for 2 years with no long term results. I'm starting accutane... and I'm pretty scared confused.gif. My acne used to be localized just in my cheekbone areas but now it has spread throughout my entire face, as well as my chest (moderately) and my back.

I absolutely LOVE photography... it is my passion. Being behind the lens of the camera is my excuse for hiding my face because of my acne. Photoshop has been my best friend for removing my terrible acne in pictures of myself lol. I mostly do nature work, macro, and group portraits.

I swam for 8 or 9 years (varsity, baby) from middle school to various area clubs to high school sports. I've come to the conclusion that 8 hours a day in drying chlorine water didn't help my skin much. However, I do not regret it because this is how I met my boyfriend smile.gif who just happened to be a varsity swimmer at my old high school, also. I've been a lifeguard for... 5 years now, and now manage an outdoor public pool smile.gif This led to me having severely try skin, particularly on my feet, which I still have trouble with even today. In the summer, the park district I work for urges the use of sunblocks heavily. I personally make sure my staff use it as much as possible. Being a manager of a pool and swimmer, having acne on your back isn't the most... *confidence boosting* thing when you have to walk around in a swimsuit all day- in front of other people.

I just started taking Omega 3 Fish Oil tablets today... we shall see how that works out. In the morning I use the Olay purifying cleanser in the shower. I use cetaphil cleanser at night and the cetaphil moisturizers throughout the day. And Neutrogena (spelling?) Sport sunblock for my face in the summer.

I am hoping that from this site I get a lot of encouragement and support through my journey of accutane.. it sounds pretty hardcore.

March 10th, 2010

So I'm still taking Omega 3 fish oil pills... and I'm not sure if it's my imagination but some spots seem to be a LOT sorer than I remember them being. hmm.... that would kind of suck if my skin didn't react well to it.. considering I got 200 soft gel tablets. Hahah. Guess we shall see. I guess it could be worse... at least Im not allergic to it or something.

Also trying to get in the habit of drinking more water. Hopefully I can keep it going.

Two more days until I go on Accutane eusa_shifty.gifsmile.gif smile.gif Not looking forward to the battles with my insurance company which will probably follow.... as usual

March 12, 2010

Sooo just got back from the derm. So they are closed over the weekends- so I wont be able to get my blood work back =/ sooooo I wont be able to start my accutane until Monday (my birthday).

*disappointed face* At least I'll be able to remember the date I started..? smile.gif

God I hate needles. Had some tunnel vision going on after they drew blood. Guess my blood sugar was low. The nurse said I had the smallest veins she'd ever seen. Haha. Oh well, at least she didn't have to stick me 10 times lol. Hate that.

March 15, 2010

Started accutane today. 30mgs twice daily. Holy crap was it expensive.. like over a hundred bucks!!! I'm just waiting for the side effects to start lol =/

Kinda have a migraine right now, but I get them all the time. I'm not too worried about it yet lol. Probably just being paranoid.

Let the acne vs accutane battle... begin!! smile.gif

March 16, 2010

Day 2 on accutane.

Not really noticing much of a difference side-effect wise. Headache from yesterday is gone as far as I can tell. Which makes me happy, my derm told me that if I got "the headache" from accutane that it wouldn't go away since it was from decreased blood to the brain...

I have noticed a little bit of a flare up in my acne though. The new nodules, cysts, whatever you want to call them... are reallllly painful, which I never really got before doubt.gif Most people tend to start seeing the dryness around the 7-10 day area, as far as I gathered from the boards.

I dont recall my face being too oily this morning, but then again I was in a hurry because I woke up late lol.

My Mom is really freaking out (on the inside... she tries to hide it, but I can tell) about all the side effects of this drug. She really doesn't want me on it, but I think she wants me to decide for myself. I don't want to hide the side effects from her just in case because I want her to be informed... but then again I don't want to tell her everything cuz I dont want to freak her out even more lol. I think most of her fears come from the fact that we've had some pretty major health issues in our immediate family (kidney transplants, diabetes related emergencies, ruptured appendix, tumors/ cysts, major broken bones, hepatitis C from a blood transfusion.. you get the picture. How obnoxious, right? lol) . I see her point... and I really dont want to put them through any more lol.

March 18, 2010

Day 4

So I haven't gotten many new pimples, I'm hoping the initial brakeout is over lol. Have some peeling on my face but nothing too bad (yet). Woke up with pretty dry eyes yesterday but i'll take that over new pimples any day. Face hasnt been as oily lately Awesome :) I feel like I'm already starting to see a difference but my Mom says she doesn't see any at all. I think mainly the difference is just the size of the acne I had before. Still lots of unhealed spots/ scabs, but I can deal with those... just have to be patient.

So speaking of family health issues... my dad is in the hospital today because they think he's having a kidney rejection. Awesome timing :/ considering what I wrote two days ago lol. His creatine levels are more than double what they should be and they're having difficulty controlling his blood pressure (not sure if the two are related...?) They just did a kidney biopsy so we should know whats going on in a few hours (if it is serious) to a few days (if it's not life-threatening). I'm trying not to freak out too much until we have some more info...

Stress factor is kinda high right now considering all that.. on top of a full-time college student and a (almost full-time) job. At least I dont have to stress too much about my acne though. Hopefully that will take care of itself, thanks to accutane.

Support is much appreciated guys :) Thanks

March 20, 2010

Day 6

Skin is MUCH dryer, as well as the lips. To be expected. Noticed that I'm having more dandruff due to the dry skin. Got a dandruff shampoo so hopefully that will take care of that. I'm going to call the derm on monday and ask him to give me that perscription for chapstick that he mentioned.

On the plus side I am DEF seeing a difference already. Skin looks smoother (despite the peeling) and the other ones seem to be healing... slowly. But like I said, I'm being patient. I have gotten a couple new spots that I woke up with, but nothing too bad.

I took some Ibprophen (what he recommended I take instead of tylenol, if I had to take it) yesterday and woke up feeling like I was MAJORLY hungover. Not sure if that had anything to do with a reaction between the two or just because I slept like shit. Maybe a combination... who knows.

March 21, 2010

Day 7

Already suuupper happy with the results I'm getting. I definitely did not expect to be clearing up this fast, it seems like most people take like a month or so to start seeing anything. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

Got my first (very light) nosebleed today. That kinda sucked. Maybe that steaming hot shower didn't help very much before I blew my nose :think:

March 22, 2010

Day 8

Okay, all I have to say today is BLAH. Holy crap, I feel like shit. My fingertips are cracking and bleeding because they are so dry along with my feet (both of which makes going to college classes hell- lots of writing and lots of walking), my exima (sp?) has gotten SO much worse so I look like I have a contagious disease on my hands, I've gotten some random outbreak of dandruff (which I have never ever had to deal with before) because my skin is so dry, and I have a horrible headache... and its sunny as shit outside (of all days, this is the one nice day we have). End of rant :P

In summary: Fuck you, accutane. :cry: lol

March 24, 2010

Day 10

Wow... things aren't getting any better side-effect wise. I had a nosebleed for like three hours at work yesterday.. not too heavy but enough to be obnoxious. It finally stopped, still getting some blood when I wipe my nose though... =/ have another headache, pretty tired and really aching... think im going to take a loooonnng nap today lol. Face is looking better by the day... I was having some doubts yesterday whether I'm going to be able to handle 4.5 more months of this but I think that was just because I was getting frustrated due to the fact I'd been bleeding for so long from both nostrils lol.

But Im going to quote an awesome movie and say "No sacrifice, No victory" :)

March 27, 2010

Day 13

Wow, how awesome does it feel to wake up and not feel like the first thing I have to do is wash my face and shower :) My skin feels amazing (even if it doesnt look like it yet) and my confidence is already getting better :) Got a pretty mild breakout yesterday (but thats due to other things I have no control over)... Including a monster one right on my shoulder... ow! I have been noticing that my nose is running all the time (some blood too) and I've been sneezing like mad. I dont have allergies so that's not it lol. *shrug* who knows. lol Got the day off of work, and I'm lovin it :) Harry Potter marathon, yes? Perfect gloomy, rainy day for it too! :)

March 30, 2010

Day 16

So my eczima has gotten reallly bad now lol. Most esp. on my hands, they are so raw :( Acne has gotten worse in the last week too =/ I hate being a woman for such reasons sometimes. Ugh... man guys have it lucky lol. For some reason I'm starting to get really bad foot cramps in the arches of my feet.. which I've never really had this bad before, even in swim season. Laaaaame.

April 1, 2010

Day 18.

Eczema is getting soooo much worse. I did some research, and apparently i have pompholyx. Its a kind of eczema that makes your feet and hands really dry and crack, the skin sometimes becomes hard and flaky... and thats what i have. I knew this back in middle school but I guess I never really knew the name for it. As it seems, the accutane is def screwing with it. My entire palms and fingertips are being effected. And my face still hasn't started to clear up much since the initial stages. Grr. I'm trying to be patient but its really getting aggravating =/

April 2, 2010

Day 19

So I woke up with reeaallly dry lips and they're like bright pink lol. I've also noticed that the inner of my bottom lip is pealing really easy. Its kinda sore cuz i keep picking at it. I put some Vaseline on my hands and put gloves on for about an hour to let it soak in without me getting it on everything. Hopefully that helps. I've noticed some back pain, but just when I lay down after a long day... but wow does it hurt lol, takes my breath away. I've been wearing tennis shoes at work, and that seems to have reeeaaally helped my skin condition on my feet. It was def the chlorine that was doing it, even tho they are still being exposed to it, not nearly as much as before though. Yay. At least I have one solution so far lol.

April 7, 2010

Day.... uhm.. 24?

Hands are still sore as hell but I'm dealing with it the best I can. At least they havent started bleeding yet. Im getting a cold now, which is the worst timing evverrr. Lots of tests in college this week, plus work, plus accutane (which means I cant really take any medicine). Ive been sneezing like MAD, which i never really do when I'm sick... really really getting annoying lol. I have to say though, that using a neti pot (which i did for the first time today) is the weirdest, coolest, most fascinating thing I have done all week. Lmfao. I highly recommend it. So refreshing, but doesnt seem to last for the stuffy nose more than an hour.. but c'mon its really just water and a salt solution... can't expect miracles.

I've started to get pretty back lower back pains the last couple of days. Used a heating pad on it for 3 or 4 hours last night, and it helped a lot. However I couldnt sleep because my nose was so plugged up... I have the worst luck lol As for the face.. that random breakout cleared up for the most part, now that the girlie issue has thankfully passed. Yay :) I guess I should be glad that I dont have that to worry about on top of everything else right now. hahah

April 13, 2010

Day 29-ish

Soo just refilled my second prescription of accutane!! (after calling the office to get them to go on to ipledge... thanks so much for doing it yourself like youre supposed to) Yay! I only costed $5!!! FUCK YES! Considering the last one was like $107... My dr gave me a new topical for my eczema, hopefully it works well. According to wikkipedia its one of the highest potency drugs for eczema.

Lips are getting worse. Hurts to smile, lol. Which isnt cool for me. I'm a happy person! Back pain isnt as bad, at least it doesnt hurt when I breathe now.. that scared me a bit, cuz it was right where your kidneys sit on your back. Nosebleeds are still obnoxious but I can handle them better now. I'm reaaaallly loving this not having to shower every day thing. My hair used to be greasy enough where I'd have to wash it every day. I've gone for three days without washing it now and it looks fine! It feels sooo much healthier too, now that its not being stripped down every day lol. And I'm a college student, c'mon...just having to throwyour hair up and putting a hoodie on is awesome when you have 7am classes.

I have a funny story to share... just because. I went to the pharmacy to get the accutane, and the guy called my name (pronounced it WAY wrong, I didnt even know he was talking to me until i looked up from my textbook). So i went up there to pay for it, thinking he was going to ask me about the accutane... and he randomly asks me "You want o become a pharmacist?" Inside I was like... uh, what? Im confused?? Why is he asking me that? What does that have to do with my perscription? Why did he say that like "want a job?" Is it that obvious that I want to go into the medical field? Wtf? lmao. So I told him maybe and he proceeded to tell me that he makes a lot of money and its a good option. Lmfao... I just got career advice from some random pharmacist. Awesome.

April 17, 2010

Day 33

Things arent much different. Eczema is much better after this new cream he gave me. Been waking up nauseous the last couple mornings =/Not sure if thats accutane related though.. usually goes away within a couple hours.

April 26, 2010

Day 42

Another minor breakout. Other than that things haven't changed much. Missed a day by accident. Lots of back pain, especially since I am constantly on my feet- walking around at work. Heating pad at night seems to help with the pain (and the cold nights, hehe). Havent been getting a many migraines this month, compared to last month.. about 1/4 actually.

Thats all for now... have a good day!

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I see you brought your blog over to the message board where more people will view and comment on it.... Where did you get that idea from?? :think: hmmm.......

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Good luck, girl! I am starting next month...trying to prep my body now. What brand of Omega3 Fish Oil are you taking? Do you think it is working?

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Spring Valley. And I have seen a huge difference... I only really took them for 3 days before starting the accutane though

Edited by RcknDisturbed1

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You know if you click "Add Reply" and type your update it will bring your thread back to the top of the board where more people can read and comment on it. By you just editing your very 1 st post, it stays at the end and no one will read it. I've been wondering about you for weeks now because I havent seen a new post from you.

Just trying to help, cutie!


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Just got bumped up to 80mgs a day, will be starting that in three days. From what I understand that's pretty high for someone of my weight(?). Having some major breakout issues at the moment. No bueno. Headaches are generally gone. Back pain is here and there but not too bad. Eczema on the hands is getting easier to deal with, I guess. Or im just getting used to it. One or the other lol. Have stated to get dry patches on my arms, but my legs arent as bad.

Hoping to start seeing some improvements soon. Just gotta stay positive and be patient.

Thanks for reading guys.

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Not much improvement. If anything its getting worse on my cheeks. Losing my patience with this (today, at least). Am I going to be one of the 2% that accutane doesn't work on? lol. ugh. Lips are pretty sore today, feet are fine! :)

Side note: I put bengay on my shoulder today... eczema on hands + bengay = OW

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Oh my god.. where that bengay was burning on my hands, I now have two humongous puffy red patches of skin. Tehey burn, itch, and hurt all at the same time =(

...I'm leaving for vacation tonight. This is going to be fun =(

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Hey guys!

Im about halfway through the 3rd month of accutane. I started taking the 40mgs this month. Not seeing a huge amount of improvement.... but im hoping I can stay positive. Hands are really killing me lately. So I got sunburned on my feet working at the pool... and the area where i got burned is like two shades darker than the rest of my foot. Really hoping to get them back to normal soon. lol. I've been pretty careful with my sunblock but I'm still noticing that my skin is permanently red =/ lol

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So at the derm today, the dr tells me he's concerned that its not getting better.... than 5 minutes of pessimistic conversation later, he realizes that the nurse wrote down the wrong week.. and that i'm on week 12, not 18. lol... awesome job.

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If anything, it's making my skin worse. I feel like all its doing is drying out my hands. I dont get it. I really dont get it. Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just going to be one of the like 5% it doesnt work on? That would be my luck, huh? lol. There's still a little shred of hope I suppose. Nothing to do but wait... I'll be pissed if I spent all this money and suffered all this for nothing.

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"They" say the 3rd and 4th months is when it really kicks in and you start to see results. "They" say you can have your IB for as long as 3 months.

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Thanks for that. It's really really getting bad. Worse than it's ever been. I'm trying so hard to wait it out but it getting to the point where i dont think this is going to work for me at all.

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If you stop now then you would have wasted three months of your life and have to life the rest of it always wondering "what would have happened if I stayed on it for another month or so?"

That will suck. So dont do it!

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I've noticed my hair is thinning. Ugh. Lame. Went and got it cut today so it looks fuller. There seems to be a line of pimples breaking out along my cheekbones, especially on the right side. How obnoxious. Im curious to see if my derm ups my dosage again on Monday. We shall see.... Going to him and listening to him tell me how disappointed he is with my progress does not help.

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