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I am 18 and acne started after I had chickenpox at around age 15. I went to see doctor at age 17 and he gave me a cream to put at night. It did reduce it but after it went completely and i stopped it would appear bit by bit. After a while I think the cream stopped working!. Just like few months ago I had throat infection and doc gave some 500mg anti biotic.. after finishing it my acne disappeared again -.-... And after few week bam! hit by acne again. :( I have mostly whiteheads, some vulgris bit red spot with white things inside.. mostly seen on my nose :( and now it sometime comes in other areas aswell. And lots of red dots! I guess it was where old whiteheads were.

When I touch my face.. small ball of skin drops off... now i have a habit of picking them off... it doesnt bleed its just dry smalllll ball of skin .. I guess it was blocking pores. I thought that would help the pores hehe.. :think:

I have reeeallyy oily skin.. when i wash my face it just rubs in i think blocking the pores again. and when i put the cream on it has no effect.. :snooty:

Should i go see doc again?

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It sounds like the antibiotics really cleared up your skin. So, maybe you should go back to the doctor and explain your situation and tell them that when you were taking antibiotics for something else your acne cleared up. They might prescribe antiobiotics to help with your acne.

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