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scared. don't know what to do.

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so i've taken 3 rounds of accutane. is 3 rounds really that bad? i took 40mg 4 months each round. i am really scared because i don't have much time left before i'm going to break out like hell. every time i finish accutane it becomes worse. after 2nd round it was horrendous then i went on a 3rd round. and im certain this time it will be 10x worse. god i really don't want it. i just started getting random pimples. 1 growing under the skin and it's bulging. fuck i hate acne. also, after taking the 3rd round i've really started to feel the depression effects and other mental problem. i think i should've never taken accutane. i am now failing school an recently had the lowest mark in the whole class. i think i'm going to have to quit school and possibly work. don't know how to tell manager about quitting. accutane sucks ass but i would've never been able to hang out with my friends and stuff if i didn't take accutane. am i going to have to live with this 10x horrendous acne forever when the time comes? i think i only have a month left at max. skin is building up more of the pus filled pimples. my life is not the same these days. too depressed. don't hang out with friends often anymore. i'm just not outgoing like i used to be. if i quit accutane will there be a chance i can ever heal? like with my acne and depresion. will it scar me for life? i will post this question on another thread i hope that's ok.

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Firstly, calm down. Really.

The best thing to do is to go and discuss your options with your dermatologist. Be honest and say what you think and what you want. If he/she can't come up with a solution, go to another dermatologist.

I do not have the necessary qualifications to judge, but I believe that there are options even in a scenario like yours. It would involve combining different acne products and targeting every aspect of your acne. Also, before that, the resistance of your acne should be tested.

Don't give up. Don't let your fear take over. And remember that a bit of positive thinking might help. If your acne and difficulties getting rid of it, interfere with your daily life (and it seems so), go to a counselor and talk. One issue is having acne, another is the way you think about it.

Good Luck!

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