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So my name is Michelle I have had acne since I was 10 and 11. I previously went to a derm who tried only pills, hormonal treatments and topicals for my acne. I moved up to Bellinghwam, WA for school and found a new derm. He immediately said he was gonna have me put on accutane. I was excited, yet nervious because I had done a lot of research before hand.

I have recently kept my own personal accutane journal, but I have decided to start one on here.


So since this will be my first post, I should let you all know I am currently finishing up my 2nd month of accutane. My derm has me on 40mg/day, for the past two months.

I currently have been going through stages of outbreaks. My skin will clear up around my cycle, then during the rest of the month I get huge pimples on my cheeks and jaw line. They are the kind that lie under the skin and are barely noticeable, yet hurt really bad.

anyway, my time on accutane has been some what positive. I notice that my clogged pores on my chin are clearing up, slowly but surely. The one down side is the new acne and the dry skin with scabbing.

Is vitamin e okay to be putting on the scabbing parts of my skin, so I don't scar? I noticed as some parts of my face were healing, I was seeing scars. I freaked out and bought some vitamin e.. lol. I don't even think they are caused by the accutane haha.

Advice and support is greatly appreciated!

Michelle :)


Posted pictures :)...

They consist of just my chin because that is the major problem.

- Not much change has occured this month, sadly.

first two pictures = beginning of second month

second two = beginning of first month









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