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After going on accutane cause i had pretty sever cysts i was clear. i was so happy. I literally smiled looking into the mirror. Then one faithful day i go to itch my noise, i feel oil, ALOT. something i havent felt for many months. I remained calm several weeks later,it started. Some pimples near my neck. then one on my cheek. then a huge one on otherside. then some on jawline. Now im here with around 7 pimples on my left cheek and 3-4 cysts on my right side. Tbh its not nearly as bad as it was. I stayed home today i yawn it hurts, i look in the mirror to see the 2 new cysts that makes me look like the joker. I start breaking everything in the bathroom. Then proceeded to put holes in my walls. Then just started to cry thinking of how much of HS ive missed, and how i might have an extra year from cutting school so many times cause it hurt to even smile. Im going back to the derm to get a second round. But i am still high in hopes being its not that bad as it was before accutane, and i completely missed the last month of it. So hopefully a stronger dosage and a entire course i should be set. And its so bad that i have a nonstop anger towards my mother cause she is the one who gave me the acne genes.

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And its so bad that i have a nonstop anger towards my mother cause she is the one who gave me the acne genes.

Especially since the genetic theory of acne is so weak. Whatever your tendency your genes predispose you to wrt to acne, it's almost certainly swamped by environment/behavior/diet.

Not all kids get rickets when they're forced to grow up without sunlight. Of course, even so, no doctor would claim that rickets is "genetic". I suppose someone with rickets before Vitamin D was discovered might have blamed their mom for "passing on rickets" to them. Although we don't know exactly what causes acne, we do know there's virtually no human trait that is 100% controlled by genetics. Epigenetics is simply too powerful and has its hand in everything.

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