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Hey guys I'm post accutane about 1 year and it seems like my red marks aren't getting better. I'm not looking for a dermatologist treatment where I'd actually need to GO to the office. I'd rather just hear some tips and possible at-home methods, vitamins, whatever you want.

But I'm DYING here I my skin looks just as bad as pre-accutane because of the redness

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let me tell you, if you start on this 'home remedy' path you will be here a long time, you will get through various products, spend a lot of money and get minimal results.

you NEED to go to a derm and tell him how you can sort the marks out

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Olive Oil, Bio Oil, Vitamin-E Oil, Emu Oil, Lemon juice, Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Baking Soda. Just to name a few off the top of my head.

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I'm posting this almost in the hope of some miracle. Prostik, I've pretty much tried all those things (thanks for the help though) and none of them worked... I feel I've pretty much exhausted my will to find stuff on my own. I've spent hours upon hours upon hours on here looking up possible regimens/whatever but nothing's really helped so far.

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I just ordered my first lactic acid peels, and I'm hoping for improvement after a series of 6. They are the mildest peel and are recommended for beginners, people with dark skin, or people with sensative skin. If it works, I'll post pics of before and after. Here are some of the other things I looked into before deciding on lactic acid first. Oh and I use mandelic acid 8% every day.

Rose hip oil

Vita K

Vitamin C

Vitamin A, green cream

Vitamin D


AHA, 15% (AHA Suffle, M2, Vivant)

Kojic Acid: Meladerm

jojoba oil

lactic acid

Clinque Even Skin Tone Corrector

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Thanks Amy! If you do end up looking back at this topic, I'm wondering which one of those vitamins/treatments/whatever worked best for you??

Thanks again. I haven't looked into Vitamin K too much...

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yeah i hear emu oil takes care of redness and red hyperpigmentation scars, right now im trying mederma scar treatment, this crap stings so i might be trying out that emu oil soon. Oh and moisturizer ALWAYS takes care of redness, maybe if there is a creamy moisturizer out there with emu oil would be the best bet for you.

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