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Somebody please help me?

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well, to make a long story short i have alot of acne scars on my face and the year is almost over, i don't wanna go into another school year with these ugly marks on my face, i always think i can get rid of them over the summer cause i have three months but it never happens :/ anyways my question, if you have mild acne breakouts can you still get a peel or dermabraison? my acne is pretty much under control except on the occasion i get a pimple here and there.

1.) can i get it done with mild breakouts?

2.) how much does it cost?

3.) what are some good derms in pittsburgh to go to for this?

4.) recovery time

5.) which is better chemical peel or dermabraison? thanks!

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first of all, what are your scars like? you don't want to get a treatment done that will not help your scars

unless you have really shallow rolling scars, dermabrasion and peels wont do much.

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It all depends on what kind of condition your skin is in. There's no point in having a major procedure if you're still breaking out. A peel might help a bit with your breaking out as well, so you could try that.

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