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Am I making progress ??

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I'm in the middle of my third week on the regimen and have had the worst breakout ever - I have two hard and painful spots on my neck that are positioned in a way that looks like I have been bitten by a vampire :redface: and randomly dotted around my hair line and jaw I have hard painful spots! The two spots on my neck mean I having to apply the BP further down my neck causing a new red irritated patch

I got a bad breakout in the 2nd week but it was mentioned in the "what to expect" so I was ok with it but this is worse and it's made me lose encouragement.

I made a album which shows before I began the regimen and my progress up to the end of the second week. Here is the link....


Is what is happening normal? To you think my skin looked better before I started?

I'm charging my cam and then Im going to take a pic of what it looks like today so u can see what I mean.

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Hi Jelly,

Sorry to hear to you have some new painful spots but don't worry.

If the pics of you in the red pajamas are the most current there does look to be improvement, overall it looks like the pimples are less active.

I think you'll see further improvement in the coming weeks, there's only one way to find out.

There's one thing that everyone repeats on these boards - It takes a lot of patience but if you persist you'll find the results you're looking for.

You couldn't look like a monster if you tried your hardest - You truly are really really ridiculously good looking :)

Do share a current pic - but we are often our harshest critic.

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I'm gonna stick with it I'm just having a really ugly fatty day :boohoo:

Thanks mark that's really sweet but I feel like such an ugly bug I would love to punch myself in the face! Your progress is so much better than mine (said in a childish voice :lol: ) seriously though my face is rubbish.

The pics in the red pajamas are the most recent but since then I feel like I've gone back 10 steps.

I'll keep at it though, your right - patience is key.

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It did look you went through a rough patch there - but the redness has subsided a lot in the most current ones so I think you're through the worst of it.

I think you'll see good results in the coming weeks, between these photos it looks like your skin overall is less active / less prone to new acne. When those current marks fade away I don't think you'll see another breakout like the one you just had. Sure, you'll have a new pimple here and there, but it looks like your skin is adapting to the BP now and should be a lot more resilient.




On products, I've started using AHA as a spot treatment. You could probably start using it now if you'd like to.

If you just want to spot treat with it - you don't need much at all. There's other Alpha Hydroxy around if you can't get Dan's.

I've also got Jojoba but I don't think you really need it as your skin doesn't appear to be dry at all.

Good luck JellyBelly,

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Hey Jelly I have just had a quick look and seen those pictures, to be honest I wouldnt worry medications the doctors prescribe do break you out to begin with because its getting rid of all the 'active' acne before it clears you.

Stick with it and youll come out on top and feel better because of it.

Ya still look stunning even with acne so I wouldnt worry about ait and keep ya chin up. :)

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Hey guys, thanks for keeping me encouraged :)

I'm in the middle of my 5th week and I can see so much improvement. I have uploaded some pics to my album so u can see for yourself once they have been approved. I have still have tons of red marks but they are gonna take some time and are super easy to cover so as long as the number of spots keep reducing every week I don't mind!

I feel really happy and am so excited to see what my skin will look like in another 5 weeks. I really feel like I'm gonna be one of the success stories - Thank you Dan!

For anyone feeling discouraged I have this theory:

Imagine a room with awful wall paper and carpet that's liveable but really needs decorating. As you start redecorating you strip the wall paper to find loads of dodgy plaster and as you pull up the carpet you find a few rotten floor boards. You start to think OMG I have made this room look so much worse I should have just left it. Despite this as time goes on you stick with the room, giving up time and money as well as patience to finally finish it and it looks beautiful!!! You look back and think that seems so long ago and it didn't take as long as it felt at the time.

I believe the regimen is very much like this, I got to week 3 and thought my skin looked worse than before I started and was thinking of giving up, I'm so glad I didn't because although I am still early on in the regimen and in no way is my skin like the beautiful finsihed room I described it is still well on its way and much better than before. Patience is so important and it is so true in my case that things got worse before they got better.

Anyway check out the album and let me know what you think .... I'm thinking of putting a picture up where I'm not in my pajammas lol x

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Glad you're seeing good results.

My room had dodgy plaster and rotten floor boards before I started ;)

Even from day 2 there was noticeable improvement for me.

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