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Severe stomach pains correlated with cysts

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I occasionally get very severe stomach pain - so bad I've had to visit the ER in the past. It's so hard to pinpoint what's effecting me, because sometimes I can eat certain things and be fine, and then suddenly, I'm struck with an attack. These stomach pains usually come on gradually, and just get worse and worse. It's an off/on type thing, where the pain will come on, I'll have it for 10 or so minutes, then it will go away for 10 or so minutes. Each time it comes back it gets worse. I've been to many doctors, who prescribed me hyomax-sl pills which help to somewhat take the edge off when I'm hit with these attacks. I've had blood tests to see if I have any food allergies, which all came back normal.

Recently, I undertook an anti-candida diet. My stomach pains went away while on the diet, as did my cystic acne. Slowly and carefully (though not carefully enough I'm ashamed to admit), I've been introducing things back in. I seem to be fine with things like carrots, apples, potatoes, bananas, but breads and sugars caused me to break out again, as well as these stomach cramps. The shitty thing is, when I first started to re-introduce these things, I was handling them fine. Then after a week or two, it all started to come back. So I cut out the bread and sugar again, and things started looking up for me - again.. Today, I decided to have some organic corn chips with some organic salsa. The corn chips haven't been a problem for me, but the salsa was a new addition. I only had a little bit, but a few hours later, I was struck with stomach pain and now a few new cysts have formed (is it even possible a reaction could cause cysts so soon after consumption?) I looked in the ingredients, and the main thing I think could have caused this was "organic sugar". Really I don't know. I've just got over the pain, and I feel dizzy, very weak, my mind is foggy (hence this poorly written post) I'm obviously going to have to be more strict, but if anyone has any thoughts on this matter, I'd really appreciate your input. I'm still at a loss determining what specifically is doing this to me. I know I should probably have more specified tests done, but I'm really poor and it's hard for me to afford all these expensive tests/doctor appointments, let alone this organic/candida diet..

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I also had really bad stomach issues. They all went away when I started paleo. You seem to be doing good with a paleo-style diet. My recommendation would be to add tubers and legumes first, and then add sugar and grains. When adding grains I would leave the gluten containing ones last. Maybe you won't really be able to consume them without breaking out.

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1) Have you tried a gluten-free diet? Stomach pains can be Celiac Disease. Read the 300 symptoms. Try a gluten-free diet (and corn free) for a few weeks. If you had the Celiac blood test, it is only accurate 60% of the time and usually diagnoses incorrectly.

2) My boyfriend used to have severe stomach pains that took him to the ER. No one could find anything wrong with him. He had a thousand dollars worth of allergy tests. I finally put him on an elimination diet. We found 1) He was lactose intolerant which causes stomach pain every time he drinks milk. 2) He had MANY other food "allergies" to too much fruit, too many veggies, tomatoes, chickpeas, soy lentils, beans... you name it. But he never tested positive for allergies.

Just this year I began giving him 2 enzymes --- Papain and Bromalaine --- from the health food store. Within a week, all his stomach pains disappeared. If he takes the enzymes in the morning, he can eat anything. If he forgets to take the enzymes, the pain returns. But he still can't touch soy and soy is a common (and real) allergy.

So, if I were you, I would get a gluten-sensitivity test from www.EnteroLab.com ($99) because they have a 95% accuracy rate. I would also try those two enzymes and try cutting out soy and dairy.

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