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Inusitol AND Brewer's Yeast?

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Ok, I'm new as a registered user, but long time lurker. Here's some backstory.

I'm 23, black, hyperpigmented and I look just AWFUL. My acne started in mid teens and never quit. It was cystic, and all down my back, too, and on my chest. I tried everything my parents said; noxzema, BP, Salicylic Acid toner, face washes, whathaveyou. Nothing worked. By the time I was 18 and moved out, it was much the same. And gradually getting worse. By the time I couldn't even touch my face without being disgusted at the bumps, I finally went to a derm and was put on Isotretinoin, which permanently cured my cystic acne. I had also been on Doxycycline, and while on Sotret I was put on BC, which I stayed with until some time a year or more ago. I never stopped breaking out, lots of pimples, and they leave terrible black dots, whether I pick them or not. To top it off, I started growing chin hairs after I quit BC, which aggravate the acne on my chin. I noticed recently that I'm getting way more blackheads than before, too.

I stopped using chemicals on my face, and this got me a little bit better... like 8% I started only using Lush toners, moisturizers and cleansers, but got excited, started overcleaning and had a small flareup of cystic acne. So now, here WAS my regimen after I dropped them: Dudu Osun Black soap followed by ACV/Tea Tree/Witch Hazel toner I made, and a moisturizer I made consisting of shea butter, aloe, tea tree and licorice. Just before this regimen I was oil cleansing, but that plateaued, too. I used Maca for a long time, daily, and that made my periods a breeze, but apparently you're only supposed to take it 2 weeks at a time? So I stopped, for now, though I probably will go back on it. Now, I'm still getting nowhere. And I'm remembering something:

Years ago, I was complaining of hypersalivation and my pcp did a testosterone test, stating that one sort of testosterone level was fine, but my Free Testosterone was abnormally high. Considering that I also have chin hair, and a strip of hair growing all the way from my temple to the hinge of my jaw, I realize that I'm hirsute, and probably really do have a Testosterone problem. So, I looked up androgen blockers, and got pointed to Inositol. I plan to take this, but at the same time, was going to start Brewer's Yeast because it is very high in minerals and compounds I am missing. I also read that Chromium and Zinc help with acne, and that Zinc helps regulate hormones. Soooo I think it should help my acne, right?

I really really really, like the rest of you, want help finally clearing up. I exercise, drink lots of water and eat a low-meat, high fruit and veggie diet. I don't tend to drink milk ever and I don't eat processed foods.

If anyone out there has any info on Inositol, please feel free to add your two cents. The same goes for Brewer's Yeast. TIY!

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Well anyway...

I've been taking the Inositol for maybe 2 or 3 days now. It's in pure powder form and I take 1/8 tsp once a day on an empty stomach (to keep it from binding the enzymes in my digestive tract into phytols, which your body cannot break down), but had 2 doses yesterday. My skin is free from new inflamed pimples, but I still have my blackheads here and there on my cheeks, and the grainy bumpiness type on my forehead. Hopefully soon I'm gonna get some lactic acid and gradually peel away my hyperpigmentation.

I think that more people need to try and find out what's causing their acne, as opposed to what treats it. I haven't specifically washed my face since I had a go at Niacin 2 weeks back. I have, however, started UT once daily, in the morning. I think, however, that that's not as integral to the sudden cessation of acne as the Inositol has been, so I'll wean off for a week and see. Like I've said before, everything I've used to treat the acne and not the source has only worked so well or for so long. Find out if it's your estrogen, testosterone, stress, milk, clogged intestines or whatEVER. Then you'll have a better time of figuring it all out.

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Mh, just an update, if anyone's curious.

I stopped UT, no repercussions. The inositol continues to work, I take some in water twice a day on an empty stomach and I've only seen two small pimples this whole time. It's been like two weeks. Last Friday I did a Lactic Acid peel with %35 which is pretty weak. I had some EXTREMELY milkd scabbing over a dark mark or two, and those came off 2 days later, and it was a bit lighter underneath. I use Hyaluronic acid and a moisturizing bar. I used neosporin a few times, too, and I think that's what caused the pimples. I plan on using up the %35 (which will be easy- I'm using it all over my body) and move up to %45 and then 55%

So. Moving onwards, everything is great!

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hi there, i just registered because i felt the need to reply to you and point you in a direction where you might find some very interesting info/advice that falls right in line with what you already know/are doing. Also because I am in part taking the same things as you plus some (minus the straight IP6) to help with acne and overall health.

As for the source, although the person has never stated their profession or credentials, and although the site it's from has alot of wacked out bullcrap on it (i tend not to stray too far away from his forum and his posts outside of his own forum), you can tell he knows what he is talking about. This person has extensive knowledge in anatomy/(bio)chemistry/science in general. What is known is that he is/was some sort of worker in the allopathic medicine world who sort of turned over to the more natural/nutritional/herbal side of things, all while weeding out the hoaxes and quacks and BS natural health theories that we often come across on the internet. He often provides links to studies to back up his info and bases all his wonderful and valuable free advice on scientific fact. It has most definately helped me and I truely believe it will even more in the long run.

this is his personal 'Q&A' kinda forum, I would recommend searching within it before actually signing up and posting because he's got many 'wright ups' already posted for numerous conditions. I'll try to dig up a few of the more interesting posts related to what you have mentionned and post them here to save you the headache as it is an odd forum format for those of us who are used to this more standard type of forum layout.

[url="http://curezone.com/forums/f.asp?f=980" (wow it's interestingly complicated to post a link here apparently, this will have to do, just copy/paste it i guess)

oh and the user name you are looking for is 'Hveragerthi', he always replies in bold and has this pirahna like fish as an avatar so is hard to miss

Edited by enjoy
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