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Retin A Question

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Title says it!

My derm wants me to start Retin A, but I'm getting married in 2 months! I'm so scared my face will look worse if I do.

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Congrats! The redness is a constant part of the retin-a regimen, it appears in two stages, during the first 3 weeks of use and whenever you get too much sun/over apply/rub your skin/switch to stronger retin-a cream. Its expected to have a light pink skin tone beacuse of inteaction with the blood vessels .

I dont suggest using retin-a, instead try a retinol cream (Obagi, Neutrogena, Gren Cream, etc.) theyre much milder but will give you noticeable results. After your honeymoon your skin wil be ready to make the jump for a true retinoid.

My skin looked great after 4 weeks, but some people wait for months full of side effects when using a retinoid before seeing an improvement.

Another option is to use an otc glycolic cream/lotion/peeling around 10%, totally safe to use and will improve a little bit your complexion, but its nothing compared with the changes made by retinol or a retinoid.

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