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Dry eyes after tane?

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So ive been off tane since about december skin and good and all, but my eyes are still dry wtf? Has any one else had this problem? I got my eyes checked a fews weeks ago got 20 30 vision have to wear glasses at night, but he sas theres dry spots in them, tryed other eye drops havent worked so i guess im gonna have to get some pres eyes drops, They hopfully will take this away cus its really annoying.

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there are probably some good eyedrops out there.

Yeah dude i mean the eye drops im using are helping but there not taking it away im blinking like crazy at points of the day, my vision i wouldnt say is blurry but idk, Its just annoying. Im wondering if any one else has had this problem?

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Osfan2006- If you have tried numerous drops you can try restasis or see if you are elgible for tear plugs, they can do temp ones to make sure they will stay in.

I have no tear production since accutane all dried up, I was not a canidate for the tear plugs, but restasis has helped me, I had a steroid drop for 2wks w/it, I also take 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid by NeoCell and GLA and use a gel before I go to bed. In the winter I used a good humidifer and tried to protect my eyes when it is windy out for this made it worse. I try to stay away from foods that are acidic foods and drinks as I noticed it made it worse.

Hope some of this helps since yours may not be that bad it may be relived by just a few of theese things. Others who suffer from this after accutane have tried theese things w/ some sucess. Good Luck

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