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regimen is making me break out worse than ever

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Here's my story. I'm 34 and started to get the worst acne in my lifetime. Before, it had been an occasional cyst around my chin, sometimes related to my cycle, sometimes not. Suddenly I was getting multiple cysts around my chin, which was unusual (and there's nothing I can think of that has changed in my life in terms of diet, stress, activity, etc...). My complexion was freaking me out. So I found acne.org and started the regimen. This is week 2, day 8.


10 second wash with dan's cleanser

wait 5 minutes

1/3 finger's length dan's bp

wait 10-15 minutes

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture SPF15 (been using for years) with about 4 drops of jojoba oil


same as above, except dan's moisturizer with jojoba oil instead of neutrogena

And now, I have the WORST BREAKOUTS EVER, starting around day 5 on the regimen. Like, lots of cysts on my chin. Painful, and they come up quickly and resolve slowly. I've been reading lots on the message boards and I'm seeing a lot out there about purging. Despite the info that's out there, how can I tell if this is okay and to be expected, or if there's something I'm doing wrong? Is this purging or an adverse skin reaction to the regimen? My skin is looking awful since starting the regimen, and I'm reading that many people have the worst breakouts at around month 2 of the regimen. Does this mean there's a good chance I'll get even worse that I am now???

Help. I want to live in a cave until this is all over.

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