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Edgar Cayce's, Acupuncture, Eating healthy, lifestyle!

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I have been on the regimine for about one year and half. I have used it everday, and it has helped keep my acne to a minimum but it still did not give me clear skin. I also tried paulas choice products and stuff…blah blah balh

Pic when I started:


Pic of me now:


I have been fed up with everything, nothing works, nothing at all! I was about to go to a dermatologist and try to get on accutain or a retinol or something since that seemed like the only way I was going to clear up my skin. But then I thought about something...

Me over the summer, cant find a good pic with a close up, but you can see it is clear from a distance:


Over the summer I went to Europe for about 3 months. During that time my skin became incredibly healthy and clear. I spent time in Bosnia, clean air, clean water, and clean food. And I spent almost 2 months in Croatia at the Adriatic coast. I would swim in the ocean everyday, eat fresh food like grilled fish, roasted meat, lots of veggies, and always clean water with little or no soda. Over time I noticed I barely was breaking out, my skin took on a healthy looking tone and feeling, I wasn’t getting oily at all! And my blackheads were barely noticeable. I think if I actually lived in that part of the world my skin would be clear all the time.


I have to change my life, start eating healthy again, and just change everything. When I came back to the states, after a month my skin was horrible again. I think it must be the food, the milk, dairy products with iodine in them…the soda, the fried food…everything here in America is just filled with hormones and nasty stuff…

So I started reading about anything that can help…some of the information is weird and new age type but what do I have to lose.

Vitamin B5 Cure, Edgar Cayce's Acne Remedy, Acupuncture, Eating healthy, oil cleansing method

If these things don’t work, then I will honestly have to go and get accutain or retinol’s that I don’t want to do! My problem is oil, even now after washing my face after only 40min my face is oily.

Anyone have more information on anything holistic, or information on the remedies that I listed?

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