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So over the past year or so, my skin has become more and more scar-prone, to the point where every pimple takes at least a week to heal and leaves a dented pit or raised white scar. I've also been experiencing weird digestive problems that have gotten worse as the scarring has.

I thought the scarring might be due to malabsorption, but I seem to digest most foods OK aside from brown rice and seeds, which pass through undigested, and fatty foods like eggs which just make me feel weird. I also took a lot of supplements including Vitamin C, Zinc, and L-Glutamine for a few months with no reduction in healing time or the frequency of the scarring, and Zinc and Glutamine made me break out. I currently supplement with Chromium, Niacinamide, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Glycinate, HCl, and Borage and Primrose Oil. I think I may have a GLA deficiency due to my diet and digestive issues, so I'm currently trying to correct that.

I also thought that maybe my face was so damaged by topicals that it can't heal anymore, but the "Caveman regimen" did nothing, and pimples and cuts all over my body take forever to heal as well.

I have looked up other causes of poor wound healing and type II diabetes and insulin resistance are the only things that seem like a possibility to me based on the symptoms. What can I do to help with that? What are some other conditions that may impair wound healing, and what can help? :think: I am only 22 years old; my healing should not be this bad...

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That would be me!

I also have had a problem with pimples (usually the red pumpy kinds without white stuff) that take a good while to clear up. I notice that it's only the pimples though. I recently got a cut on my face and it scabbed, but cleared up in about a week.

It seems that the pimples are the problem and not really healing in my body.

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That's a tough one to find an answer for. Are you taking vitamin D? It's a basic supplement they're now saying everyone should be taking, and it helps with skin issues. Are you also taking fish oil? Have you looked into Retin-A to help the scars heal? Wearing sunscreen will help with pigmentation of your scars.

In the meantime, eliminating the acne is your best bet of course. Have you given green smoothies a try yet? Some break out a little more in the beginning, but this didn't happen to me. When I started smoothies, I was having issues with my skin not healing as well too. Like you, I grew concerned but found the smoothies pretty soon after, and after about 4 weeks of drinking them daily, my skin cleared up.

Hang in there! I'm sure with continued digging, you'll find some help. :)

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Thank you both for your replies. :)

@ Self Conscious: Hmm seems like our problems are different, then. In addition to acne bumps that take forever to heal and don't heal properly, my cuts and scrapes take weeks to heal, and deeper ones can take over a month! Have you tried using a copper peptide serum on your spots? It seems to be helping mine to heal faster.

@ ABG Fairy: I took Vitamin D (5000-10000 IU/day) for a month or so with no effect; now I just get as much sun as I can. Fish oil and flax give me hive-like bumps and weird breakouts every time I take them, no matter the brand, so I think I have a problem with Omega 3s. I just started using Tretinoin .02%, copper peptide serum and emu oil on the scars, so hopefully those will help with time. I have tried green smoothies but not for very long; I'll definitely look into trying them again. Thank you for your suggestions! This is a tough thing to tackle on my own, so every bit of help offered is much appreciated. :D

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If you're deficient in vitamin D, I'm pretty sure I've read it can take several months of high dosages to get your vitamin D levels back to where they should be.

With omega 3's, have you tried staying on them for at least a few weeks? I'm wondering if your reaction is just an initial one that might go away? I know you're wanting to avoid new bumps though, due to the scarring, so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to touch omega 3s! It might also be that you need more omega 6 oils, such as borage. Check out this post: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t&p=2821753.

Definitely hope you'll try the green smoothies! If they can at least stop the breakouts, that would be huge progress! They are easy to get started with, so I would at least be doing them while you're still educating yourself in the meantime.

Have you cut out dairy, high GI foods, wheat? Check out posts by Alternativista - she has a lot of great information. :)

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I've heard that vitamin e is good for healing. make sure you're not picking the acne or using an exfollient or cleanser that may aggravate it.

I have problems with hyperpigmentation, I don't have any scars.. but I think they're kind of related. I use hydroquinone or Alpha hydroxy acid.

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Thank you both for your replies. :)

@ Self Conscious: Hmm seems like our problems are different, then. In addition to acne bumps that take forever to heal and don't heal properly, my cuts and scrapes take weeks to heal, and deeper ones can take over a month! Have you tried using a copper peptide serum on your spots? It seems to be helping mine to heal faster.

Our cases do seem to be different. I just looked in the mirror again and yeah, that cut is definitely gone. However, pimples I get seem to leave traces of their being there. Especially on my cheeks. Not so much on my chin, nose or around my mouth, but always on my cheeks.

Could you suggest a good peptide serum and perhaps point me to a good thread on it? I'm skeptical about just about anything I assume will help me. Call me a pessimist, but I haven't been wrong in 7 years. :P Also, will this serum not cause me to break out more? My face, especially those cheeks seem to hate me putting anything on them.

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could be because of all the supplements you are taking. it can put a toll on your liver, which is main organ that aids in healing. its synthesizes most of the enzymes and proteins used by the body to heal. so if youre overloading your liver with supplements, your liver could be be less efficient. i would stop supplementing and taking milk thistle. take 200mg/3 times a day =600mg.

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Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum

The Good:

- This product is wonderful! Based on Paul Begoun's (the "Cosmetic Cop") review, I bought this from a local grocery store and started using it during the day. I noticed much smoother skin right away. But what surprised me most was that after a week, some prominent red spots on my face from old acne and where my dermatologist removed a mole 3-4 months ago began fading away quickly! At first, I didn't know why this was happening until I researched the ingredients. Olay's Daily Regenerating Serum has niacinamide which has been known to reduce hyperpigmentation. This result was so unexpected but very welcome! While it has only been a week, I am excited and somewhat curious to see if my continued use of this will help all the hyperpigmentation on my skin, including my freckles.

- I have acne-prone skin...used proactive for 6 yrs, which really dried out my skin...so went to a facialist and got treatment for over a year using DR. Skin products (which is pretty awesome but pricey and available only thru facialist). My skin tends to break out in hives (little bumps) when I use most products...must be really sensitive...but when i tried Olay Regenerist Serum, it is the only thing that works for my skin. The serum seems heavy on my hand, but once i apply on my face, it feels like i put nothing on my face, which is great! I really do recommend this product! i own the olay regenerist eye cream, but not sure if it does what it says. I also bought the olay regenerist night cream but it's way too heavy...i gave it to my mom. Bought the olay regenerist face cleanser, but after using it for a couple of days, i got two BIG pimples on my face...not good! One thing I really like about this serum is that when i get a pimple and pop it, then apply the serum and go to sleep, it's kinda amazing to see the pimple diminish in its color and size. I never thought a moisturizer (esp. not a anti-acne moisturizer) do that.

- After one month of daily use, here is my verdict: This stuff works. It's not magic, it's not a miracle, it doesn't transform every wrinkle and age spot. But it makes your skin look BETTER than before, which is all we can really hope for, isn't it?

I've noticed a somewhat dramatic change in the fine lines around my eyes (no, I don't use a separate eye cream). They are smoother and much less noticeable. The few age spots I've developed seem to be lighter. Overall, looking at my face in the mirror now, I sometimes have to do a double-take because my skin looks so much better and brighter. The permanent dark circles under my eyes are even lighter.

I have acne prone skin and I was nervous about using a new moisturizer, but quickly found that my skin actually CLEARED UP while using this product. Likely, it was due to my regimented focus on skin care in general, but this did NOT contribute to any breakouts at all.

This is one product I can see myself using for a very long time.

The Bad:

- This serum worked as it was supposed to. Only thing is I noticed that I was getting pimples. I have been lucky enough not to have had acne; just the occasional pimple every now and again.

These are reviews taken from Amazon.com after following the link I have earlier in this post. Looks like some people have seen some success and others actually found that they get pimples from this. I really can't afford to hit and miss at that price. :doh:

Once I started using this serum though, I noticed that I was getting several pimples - almost every day. The only thing I had changed in my regimen was the serum so I conducted my own (kinda) control experiment. I stopped using the serum and went back to my regular moisturiser. No pimples. Started using it again, pimples.

I've stopped again and decided to give it 2.5 stars because while I was using it, it did make my skin feel great. I just didn't think the "pimple trade-off" was worth it.

Others may not have the same problem.

I am 32 and have had severe scarring acne since my early 20's. I tried this product and and have noticed a definate improvement in smoothing out the scars that I have from previous outbreaks. I will say that I have an olive complexion and there is a reddish tone to my skin now. It isn't severe but may be more noticeable with lighter skin tones. Also there is a slight tingling sensation that I get after using this product. This may be because I used Rentina for a while to help my acne outbreaks. All in all this product works well for me. I would recommend it with caution to others just because of the slight reddening I saw in my skin tone.

@dykim90: Ever since I did a bowel cleanse I always wanted to do a liver cleanse. I don't know what kind of damage I could do to myself, but do you think the milk thistle could give me any indication that my slow acne healing is caused by a not so good liver?

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