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Hi everyone,

I'm new and I'm not a native English speaker, but I'll do my best. ;)

I'm 23 years old and I'm dealing with impure skin for about 11 years now. Last year I stopped taking the pill and as a result, my skin got much worse. I never had real acne, but tons of "normal" spots. I started with the BPO regimen in July and by now, my skin is so much better and I'm really happy about it. But I can't get rid of the black- and whiteheads. The blackheads don't bother me much, as they're not visible at first glance. But the whiteheads..basically, my chin is full of them and whenever I smile, they are quite eye-catching. I know I shouldn't squeeze them, but if I don't, they sometimes ..."crack". :confused:

I don't really know what to do about it as BPO obviously doesn't help in this case. I started with Diacnéal a few weeks ago, but so far it didn't help.

My skin isn't that oily, and my front and the cheek are really clear by now. The chin and nose have always been the biggest problem, not sure why??

what else can I do, any suggestions? (and yes, I'm really happy my skin is much better now, I appreciate that and I know I'm lucky. I'm not complaining.)

thanks in advance!

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hey texas86! i had the same problem, lots of whiteheads. My dermatologist gave me retin-a micro, which is a retinol. It basically turns over your skin cells faster, so it will bring out all the whiteheads under your skin. It gets worse before it gets better...It usually takes about 2-3 months to become clear, but it is so worth it! My face was covered in whiteheads, and now i am almost completely clear! you can look at my retin-a log if you want to see my experience with it, but trust me..retin-a is the best to banish whiteheads.

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